Analysis of Nine Basic Questions for E-Cig Newbies

por Truman Atwood en March 07, 2018

Recently, we have received many emails from cigarette fresh users, most of them were about the confusion of cigarette technical specifications. So today , we have selected nine basic questions and provide some tips about electric cigarette as reference for fresh users.

1. How to use a brand new sub ohm tank atomizer?
Before you use a brand new nebulizer core, it is better to humidify the cotton with smoke oil in the product, or pour the smoke oil in the device and keep it inside for 10-15 minutes, let the cotton fully humidified. Further, the initial power shouldn't be too high as the cotton may not humidified properly though the nebulizer core was humid treated previously. However, if is over powered constantly, the cotton will be burned. So personally, I would suggest you should try with minimum power which is also noticed on the core in the very beginning, then increase the power step by step when smoke works properly.

2. What is the taste?
It depends on individual taste. Actually, there is no standard for good or bad. However, to talk about the taste of electric cigarette is no more like image what it should be.

Personally, I prefer to the Nautiloidea mini, Nautiloidea X and the Whale nebulizer. This is because of many reasons, such as its low input air flow and heavy smoke, for mouth suction smoker,it brings them more delicate feeling.

Moreover, TFV-8BABY, TFV4, ASSASSIN and LOL nebulizer with opposite functions than the models which were mentioned above, users may choose what they like. 

3. Can I change the nebulizer if I purchased a set of electric cigarette? 

Yes, you can. In the market, there has been some agreements between buyers and sellers. You just need to make sure that the interface of the nebulizer matches 510 interface between the nebulizer and its host.

4. Why does my atomizer leak?

During use, it is not uncommon for core atomizers at the bottom of the inlet to encounter leakage. Because the atomization core and the atomizer are only joined by a sealing rubber ring. If the apron is not installed or broken, This causes the air to enter the atomizer sump, which also flows out of the bottom intake hole. So if there is an oil leak in the nebulizer, be sure to first check if the core is tight and then replace the old apron. In addition, when filling the oil, it is recommended to close the air intake first and then operate it, so as to prevent the atmospheric pressure from pushing oil into the air intake hole and causing oil leakage.

5. How to regularly clean the atomizer?

E-cigarette atomizers can be cleaned directly with water (of course, this does not include the host, unless it is waterproof, otherwise do not die), smoke oil is a water-soluble material, we only need to use clean water can easily wash clean. Cleaning the atomizer is generally to clean the residual smoke oil in the oil tank. When the new smoke oil is replaced, the odor will not be smelled. The atomizer is not recommended to clean the atomization core because the carbon deposit in the atomization core cannot be cleaned. There is no significance.

6. I want to change the kind of smoke oil, must clean the atomizer?

First of all, it is pointed out that there are no problems with the two different smoke oil blends. Xiao Yan himself occasionally pumped up and will try to mix new flavors. Of course, if you want to get the pure and clear taste of smoke oil, then it is recommended that you first clean the atomizer.

7. How much power should I use to push this core?

At present, the maximum power of general hosts on the market ranges from 80W-200W. How do you use power properly? Generally, the finished product core will be marked with the resistance value and the applicable power. We can adjust the power suitable for our own taste according to the above rated power range. If the power is not marked, then generally 17 ÷ resistor value +5 W can be used to obtain the highest power range. If the resistance value is not marked, we can fill the atomizer with oil and install it. The main unit is adjusted to the minimum power output, and then press the ignition key. At this time, the resistance value of the atomizer can be obtained on the screen. Then the theory Based on the formula, it can easily be calculated that the resistor can withstand the highest power.

8. Does the atomizer core need to be replaced? How often do you change it?

During the use of the atomizing core, carbon deposits are generated, resulting in an increase in the resistance of the heating filaments and a decrease in the oil conductivity of the cotton, eventually rendering the atomizing core unusable. So how to determine whether the atomization core needs to be replaced? In normal use, the atomization core is generally replaced every 7-10 days. This frequency has a certain relationship with the frequency of extraction and the type of smoke oil. Here to teach you how to more scientifically determine whether the atomization core needs to be replaced. From the taste point of view, if the smell of smoked oil is different from the previous one, and it is obviously mushy, then it means that the core has to be replaced. In addition to observe the resistance value, the general atomization core is marked with the resistance value. If the resistance value seen on the host computer is different from the new one (usually the resistance is increased), then it also prompts you to replace the atomizer core.

9. Does there exsit any e-liquid smell like true cigarette?

First of all, simply explain to everyone that cigarettes will produce tar in the burning process of more than 600 degrees. When we smoke cigarettes, we will feel a unique taste, which is tar flavor. The main components of e-cigarette oil are glycerol, propylene glycol, edible essence and trace nicotine. The temperature required for heating the heating filament to atomize smoke into the smoke is only 180-250°C. Since the e-cigarette does not reach the combustion process during the heating process. Temperature, so no tar is produced. So smoke oil can only approach the taste of cigarettes and cannot be the same. If a seller tells you that this is the same as cigarette smoke oil, then he must be lying to you.

Simple operation and good taste are the basic steps for newcomers to enter the pit, and it is also a must for almost every newcomer. At this time, Xiao Tong also hopes that major manufacturers can see it, and hopes that the novice suit will be more humanized and allow more. Many fans join the "Vape" family.


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