Analysis of The Five Most Popular Sub-ohm Tanks

por phoebe guo en April 18, 2018

With the development of e-cigarettes, finished atomizers have also differentiated. One is a small smoke type, such as a Tesla BLADE 24, and the other is toward large clouds, such as SMOK TFV8. The small smoke-like finished atomizers also changed from MTL(Mouth To Lung) to DLI(Direct Lung Inhale) by the trend of large clouds and high power. Using MTL can have a better flavour,while DLI can produce thick plumes of vapour (of course, there is still a big difference from droping atomizers), Here we will compare and analyze the five finished atomizers.

The five atomizers in the inventory (from left to right): 1.SMOK small cyclone  2. Mage toruk tank  3. Eleaf MELO III  4. Tesla BLADE 24  5. JOYTECH UNIMAX .

From top to bottom are SMOK small cyclone, Mage Toruk tank,  Eleaf MELO III,  Tesla BLADE 24, and  JOYTECH UNIMAX . It can be seen that the structure of SMOK Cyclone, Eleaf MELO III, and UNIMAX is relatively complex.  Next we will take a look at their style and structure. 


This atomizer is a top air intake structure. It can avoid ejuice leakage of the bottom air intake structure. However, there will be a certain space at the bottom.The ejuice can not be completely atomized; the condensate fluid will be deposited inside the atomization core and cannot be discharged, resulting in oil frying. Its inlet port is too long so that the reaction time is delayed.For having a better experience,you need to blow first before MTL, and the internal airway greatly increases the size of the core, so the only way to ensure the storage of ejuice is  increasing the diameter of the atomizer.

The three holes at the bottom are the ejuice leading holes. After being installed , the vape juice flows from the four oil leading ports of the tank  then enter the atomizing core through the oil leading hole. There is a airway circuit in the atomizer, as shown in the figure, is completely separated from the oil circuit, completely avoiding the problem of leakage from the air inlet.

Figure 1 is a top view of the atomization core mounted on the base. We can see its airway and atomization core. The atomization core uses loosely wound Kangtel A1 heating wire, 3.0 diameter, 0.5Ω, recommended power 30- 50W. The top cover of this atomizer is divided into two parts, the upper part is the top inlet regulation and the flue, and the lower part is the top injection ring and the fixing structure. The top cover flue and the atomization core are directly connected and without additional sealing device, but it does not affect anything.

The interior of the driping tip is designed as an inverted cone, which acts as a reflux of the condensate fluid, but the effect is not good, because the condensate fluid will be deposited inside the atomization core, causing oil frying and other problems. The method is forcing the excess smoke inside the core out from the drip tip. There are several points: There is a rubber ring at the outside of the atomizer's oiling ring , which can increase the friction when the top cover is filled with ejuice. The base part of the  vape glass tank is also made of a rubber ring.

The design of the drip tip is unique. The intention of the designer should be to allow the player to hold the lid through the drip tip and turn the drip tip to fill the ejuice, but due to the resistance between the drip tip and the top lid, some slight force can make the drip tip to rotate, and the plastic drip tip will be worn by the metal cover. Hope the manufacturers can update the accessories later.

2.Tesla BLADE 24

This atomizer is divided into simple five parts, 510 drip tip, top cover, glass tank, atomization core, base. This atomizer has a good surface, meticulous workmanship, simple operation,its biggest feature is the excellent workmanship 316 atomization core

With anti-fried oil nets, different experience effects can be achieved by replacing the atomization core. The stainless steel coil has the characteristics of rapidly heating and low carbon deposition, but the problem is its lighter taste.

3.Eleaf MELO III

This atomizer adopts the bottom air intake and top feed structure, the feed ring is connected with the upper part of the base through the atomization core, and it cannot be disassembled. The tank can be  swiped up and out by removing the top cover. Althrough added anti-fried oil nets, it will be frying oil due to hollowing in the middle.

The unique hidden bottom air inlet design makes the air inlet no longer exposed, improves its surface, and the resistance of suction is not obvious. It is a practical design.

4.SMOK small cyclone

The structure of this atomizer is also relatively novel. The inlet adjustment ring that can be split independently, the coil leads opened in the middle of the top cover, and the refined sub ohm tank are all the features of this atomizer. The four air inlets also ensure the uniformity of the incoming air flow.

5.Mage toruk tank

Its structure is relatively simple and traditional. The way of refueling is to add ejuice directly to the tank by unscrewing the top cover. The structure of the atomization core seems for big clouds, but it is not indeed.then I will mention it. The drip tip is directly inserted, which can be replaced. At the bottom, there are three air inlets. The air inlet adjustment ring has no card position and can rotate indefinitely,causing some difficulties to dismantling the atomizer.

 After talking the structures of these atomizers,let's come to the using experience now.

Tesla BLADE 24, 24mm diameter,is one of the best two in the five atomizers, although the structure is not very novel, but its two fine finished cores make up for this weak point. Of course, the excellent finished core workmanship also increases its cost. This atomizer provides two atomization cores for players to choose from, dual 0.25 ( 30-90W) and single 0.5(30-70W), dual-distribution atomization cores have excellent DHI experience, while single cores are more suitable for MTL experience.You will have a good taste with wattage 53-56W and One-fifth of air conditioning .The actual tank capacity is 2ml, and the large fuel consumption will cause the refueling operation to be slightly frequent. There is no oil leakage and oil frying. The stability is quite good.

SMOK small cyclone atomizer,22mm diameter,the other exquisite workmanship atomizer in the five ones, with longer flue, uniform intake, unique atomization core structure, special opening method of top injection hole ,good surface and atomizer stability, are the highlights of this atomizer, this atomizer provides two finished atomization core,with 0.6Ω (18-35W, 28W recommended) and 0.3Ω (20-45W, 35W recommended) and a DIY RBA kit, while the RBA kit uses a single-sided bipolar column design.

The 0.6Ωcore with wattage 30W: when air intake is fully close,will have a strong taste and strong sense of hierarchy, the vape juice reduction is also very good. While the air intake is fully on, you will try DHI and can chase big clouds.The 0.3Ω core is more difficult to find a good taste, but has a good smoke effect. The RBA suite greatly enhances vitality and playability of this atomizer. Newcomers can also enjoy DIY fun on this atomizer.There is also no case of oil frying and leakage. The disadvantage is that the tank capacity is only 2 ml, and the refueling operation will be frequent.

The Eleaf MELO III,22mm diameter, with a top filling oil ring and a concealed air intake at the bottom. The thicker top cover facilitates disassembly and the overall workmanship is also good, but the tank can rotate indefinitely and will not be fixed, which increases the difficulty of disassembling the base.

This atomizer offers two atomized cores for players to choose from, 0.5Ω(30-100W) and 0.3Ω (30-80W). 0.5Ωcore with 70W and the air intake full on,you will get a very good rich taste and smoke in DHI; while 40W and a quarter intake on,you will get a good layering experience. The 0.3Ωcore is more suitable for DHI, and the taste and smoke are both satisfactory. The capacity of the tank is 2ml, and the fuel consumption is slightly larger, which will result in slightly frequent refueling. A slight oil leakage may occur in use. However, there is no oil frying and the stability is still relatively reliable.

Mage Toruk tank, 24mm diameter, tank capacity of 4ml, this atomizer has a simple structure and provides two atomized cores for players to choose from, one 0.2Ω (0-70W) and one 0.5Ω(0-70W). In use of 0.2 core, 55W-65W for DHI is recommended, while for MHL,chosing 55W,you will get a good taste of richness and fullness. When using a 0.5Ωcore, it is recommended to use the same power as the 0.2Ωcore. The taste is richer than the 0.2Ωcore, the smoke is slightly smaller, and the 50W MTL experience is also improved. The main disadvantages of this atomizer are the oil leakage and the difficulty of opening the lid due to infinite rotation of the air intake adjustment ring.

JOYTECH UNIMAX atomizer,25mm diameter ,tank capacity of 5ml,its special top air intake structure is very friendly to novice players, there will be no oil leakage, This atomizer only has an atomization core for the player to choose, 0.5Ω(30-50W), 50W for DHI, you will get relatively strong sense of intake and good taste, but the delayed effect of the track cannot be ignored due to the longer inlet port. One-tenth of the intake and with 40w, you will get a excellent experience. The leveling and intensity are very good. The disadvantage is its design of the drip tip, which easily causes looseness.


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