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When it comes to electronic cigarettes, batteries are the core of energy supply. In the past, there were various types of mechanical mods for battery positioning. They differed in appearance and performance. Return to today's e-cigarette mods, under the leadership of the mainstream, 18650 battery has been through a long period of time. Some time ago, there is a booming of 20700 battery which is huge battery breakthrough. It has gradually extended to the electronic cigarette manufacturing by the electric car giant Tesla... 

What we share today is a single power CULTURA mod (one of best vape mods for clouds)designed from VZONE using a Tesla 20700 battery. This device, which is compatible with 18650 batteries, can achieve up to 100W output. Here are the main parameters of this mod:

Mod size: 89/38/30MM
Mod material: zinc alloy + PC
Battery Type: 20700/18650 (with conversion cartridge)
Mod weight: 167G
Support Mode: Power/Temperature Control (TI/NI/SS/TCR)
Taste mode: NORM (standard)/SOFT (soft)/HARD (Violence)/USER (curve customization)
Memory mode: M1/M2/M3
Resistance support: 0.1-3.0 Ω (Power Mode) / 0.05-1.0 Ω (Temperature Control Mode)

CULTURA‘s packaging material is very simple with only the mod and USB charging cable and multi-language manual (including Chinese part). Although the mod uses a larger 20700 battery than the 18650 in design, the overall size of the mod is not easy to notice. It is thicker than the normal 18650 mods. The PC design of the camera body makes the mod look extraordinarily fine.

Since the volume of the 20700 battery is different from 18650 battery dimensions. The common 18650 battery can be inserted into the conversion sleeve of the mod distribution to achieve compatibility. The actual performance differences between the two battery we will not discuss here in detail. Using the 18650 battery as vape pen charger in the CULTURA can also satisfy the full power 100W output.  

When the 18650 battery is used, a gap is found out from the battery cover. After actually passing through the combination of the bottom cover, the 18650 battery under the battery electrode pressure does not loosen. The picture above shows that the Gunmetal color surface used by CULTURA has a slight sandblasting texture, and the metal workmanship shows a solid quality.

For the time being, we will not discuss whether the PC's veneer pattern of this mod is good or bad. Based on the volume comparison and the actual grip of the palm, the CULTURA is not larger than most 18650 single power mods. Instead, it will batter some of the single power giants on the volume. Hegemony. If you use the core advantages of the 20700 battery, the same volume to achieve the use of experience will be improved, especially in the output and holdings.

The palm of an ordinary male can easily wrap the main body in the palm of the hand, and the stand-alone platform of the 510 interface is slightly projected to prevent the nebulizer from scratching the paint when it is used against the main body. Looking at the mod's key position, brushed metal surface, and a crisp press, the mod's performance in the details of the work is satisfactory.

Strong American skull head illustration style PC veneer varnish protection will not easily appear paint damage. The mod's original zinc alloy shell part with sandblasting texture and PC bright surface mix and match the appearance of the degree of integration Violation. Not only on the pattern, the VZONE and CULTURA 100W logos on both sides of the host use the inner light design. After the ignition button is pressed, the blue light will be displayed.

The detailed operating instructions are not intended to be unfolded. Basically, they are all conventional host operating routines. Common functions of common hosts can be found on CULTURA, and there are no missing functions. The model of the host display chip is HW: V1.0. The peak value of 100W should be the output limit of the single power host. Then connect an A1 coil that is close to the lowest 0.1-ohm resistance to try out the performance of the full output...

The data is 21G A1/3.0 ring diameter/5 turns RDA resistance is 0.12 ohms, using the general match output. The mod is set in NORM (standard taste mode). 80-90W is the common power value of this group of personal data. In addition to the slight warm-up of the coils that can be felt by the first click, the second coil of the ignition key has a dry, rapid burst of fire when pressed. However, the preheating at the first lower point is a problem with the A1 coil. This is not the delay of the chip ignition.

In the day-to-day operation of a single mod, we should not require it to be as durable as long-term full output (80-100W). If we use an output that is close to 100W as a carrier, it is recommended to use a dual-power mod. For this CULTURA 100W, it is more closely associated with the type of equipment it carries every day, RBA is used around 0.2-0.5 ohms, and its performance will be more in line with the design intent on battery-bearing and ignition effects.

Of course, there are friends who will raise the actual differences between 18650 and 20700. In addition to some comparisons in the data, the difference in actual performance can only be assessed by their own experience. After all, this mod can achieve excellent performance even with 18650 batteries.

The rapid pace of equipment replacement is like the V1.0 or V2.0 that soon appeared after the launch of the V1.0 version of a device. The leap in technology has driven the overall level of e-cigarette equipment to be perfect... now alone It is still too early to talk about the replacement of the 18650 mod with the 18650. However, when a 20700 mod device is also compatible with the 18650, this additional "new battery" is not harmful. After all, CULTURA 100W is not as thick as the 26650 mod...



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