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por phoebe guo en March 23, 2018

There is a big booming of bottom- filling devices in the electronic cigarette industry in the late 2017. This stock has spread fiercely abroad in the country. HCIGAR was one of the domestic brands that introduced the bottom filling equipment earlier and always try to make the best unregulated box mod. Although the INBOX launched in the early stage did not successfully catch the domestic endorsement express train, it is enough to prove that HCIGAR is a very prescient brand.

The MAGIC BOX shared today is HCIGAR's newly introduced bottom-filling equipment set developed by the TOWIS team. I think it's among high-end mechanical mods. The package contains MAGIC BOX BF MOD, MAZE V1.1RDA, spare plastic bottle and finished coil accessories. This MAGIC BOX has two versions of carbon fiber veneer and the 3D magnetic panels. The only difference between them is the panel.

This is a mechanical bottom-filling equipment, but the details and performance of this best squonk mod is not the same as the most devices. The switch and the interface are hidden inside, so the whole structure looks more complete. And because of the window of the panel, it's very easy to open the panel and no need a strip.

The pre-The milky white 7ML silicone bottle is designed with the two-layer metal cover of different sizes which can effectively stagger the finger force, making the refilling operation smoothly. The spare plastic bottle for distribution has a sealed lid, and you can directly use it as liquid  storage bottle for out going . The two materials of the bottle have different feel during the extrusion and filling. You can select  according to their own preferences.

Today we will talk about the 3D version . The panel has a thick embossed pattern and feels its uneven touch in the palm of your hand. The aesthetics of this textured wolf design is described by Hcigar as “Mysterious”.. However,if you like the simple feeling you can choose the version of the carbon fiber veneer, the appearance of the entire mod can be completely changed  to a simple type.

 The MAGIC BOX has a large fire button area and can be locked. Pushing the switch upwards to lock can avoid the risk of accidental misfires. The fire button's elasticity is not high, and it is more comfortable than many mechanical mods on the market. It's amazing to enjoy the process of finding authentic mechanical mods for sale.

There is a small depression in the bottom of the storage bottle. This position plays a significant role in removing the storage bottle. Because of the low hardness of the silicone bottle, it is more convenient to insert a finger into the groove to buckle the bottle. Although this design will increase the height of the box, it can be completely ignored.

The original atomizer is MAZE V1.1 RDA,   which needs to be adjusted according to the intake air to determine the parameters of the coil. If the coil power is not enough,you will not get a full taste. Take a common set of mechanical pole data 22G/3/0/5 as example, this RDA performs very well with both clouds and flavor.

The inlet port of the atomizer is four-sided. In accordance with the characteristics of the silicone bottle, the MAGIC BOX can be used to gently and smoothly transport your vape liquid to the cotton. In combination with the compact volume compression of the MAZE V1.1 RDA, this suit is very economical when used.

However, some one  will certainly say that the single-powered mod must be unfriendly. In fact, you can take a spare battery and enjoy your wonderful day.










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