Can Newcomers Use Mechanical Rods?

por phoebe guo en April 12, 2018

In the early stage of e-cigarettes, mechanical rods were "standard" devices. Since the voltage regulators were few and expensive, most e-cigarette users used mechanical rods as their main devices. With the development of e-cigarette chip technology in the later period, the function has been increasingly perfected, and the price has become much lower. Now, you can buy a full-featured, stable performance voltage regulator device with $50. It makes the safer and more convenient valtage regulating devices become standard in the new era of electronic cigarettes.

However, mechanical mods are favored by many users because of their simple structure and mechanical aesthetics and artistry.

Some newcomers like the beautiful appearance of the mechanical mod. However, due to various "negative rumors" on mechanical rods, they are afraid and stay away from them. It is very tangled.

Today, we aims at this topic to chat with the majority of novice about the "mech mod kit", hoping to offer you a correctly understanding of the mechanical rod,such one of the unique electronic cigarette equipment.

Can newcomers choose mechanical rods to get started?

In fact, this question is like “whether the newbies photographer  can use SLR cameras”, the author's answer is: Yes! Mechanical rods, like pressure regulating devices, are a kind of main equipment for electronic cigarettes. It is possible to use any equipment to get started, but there are some problems that need to be considered.

Therefore, the author's answer is that newcomers can use the mechanical rod, but it is not recommended

Why are mechanical rods not recommended for beginners?

The working principle of the mechanical rod is very simple, just like a flashlight. The cathode of the nebulizer is connected to the positive pole of the battery, and the wall of the entire rod is the negative pole, and it is opened or closed by the switch. It does not have any electronic circuit itself and does not have any protection function.Just as a vaper says "If you do not understand the principle, as long as you dare to press the switch, then it may randomly play between smoke and short circuit."

The use of mechanical rods requires a basic knowledge of electronic cigarettes and understanding of the basic battery and related common sense in order to use the mechanical rods more safely.

People will inevitably be paralyzed and even advanced players will inevitably make mistakes. Many people often forget to lock their mechanical mods. Due to the accidental pressure, the mechanical rod is energized for a long time,so that make the battery and the atomization core demaged, or throw it in the car for a long time.

Even those who are so timid  are often make low-level mistakes. For example, once a nebulizer with a bottom electrode flush was screwed onto a mechanical rod without a positive pole, causing a short circuit at the atomizer 510, and the mechanical rod instantly became hot, resulting in an accident.

In addition to using basic knowledge, the most important thing is to have some related experience of mechanical rods. we are able to identify the cause of the accident and find a solution in the shortest time when a accident occours, then to assess risk and to properly dispose of accident equipment to minimize risk.

Why are mechanical rods easy to cause accidents?

Since the mechanical rod itself does not have an electronic circuit, there is no corresponding protection function, which is similar to the principle of a flashlight. A vaperr once made a figurative metaphor: "The principle of a mechanical rod is equivalent to a flashlight with a filament threading cotton after breaking its light bulb." Although the flashlight may not work after breaking the bulb, the truth is the same.

The direct current circuit needs the positive and negative poles. The positive pole of the mechanical rod is connected with the positive pole of the atomizer's 510 power supply, and some of them are through positive poles, and some of them are directly connected to the positive pole of the battery. The entire pipe wall of the mechanical rod is negative and is connected with the negative electrode of the atomizer through threads. The bottom switch controls the closing of the circuit.

The mechanical rod is relatively easy to form a short circuit in the structure. If the power supply portion of the atomizer 510 is flush or concave, it is possible to directly connect the positive and negative electrodes at this point to form a short circuit. Therefore, some positive poles of the mechanical rods are very thin and much finer than the 510 positive poles of the voltage regulating main unit.

The mechanical rod without the positive pole is forbidden to use the atomizer with 510 interface because the positive and negative electrodes are in direct contact with the positive electrode of the battery at the same time, forming a closed circuit of the current. This is the most dangerous situation. The positive electrode of the battery is directly connected to the power supply part of the atomizer. As long as the atomizer is screwed on, the battery will always be in a short-circuited state even if the switch is not pressed.

Due to the simple structure of the mechanical rod and no protection of the electronic circuit, it is relatively easy to form a short circuit. The short circuit is equivalent to connecting the positive and negative electrodes of the battery directly. At this time, the discharge current is very large, it will release a lot of heat, damage the battery, cause the leakage of the battery's internal materials, and it will produce a violent reaction release when in contact with the air. A large amount of heat and gas will create a strong pressure in the narrow space of the mechanical rod, and it will “stretch” the mechanical rod and cause accidents.

Therefore, "short circuit" is the biggest "hidden problem" of the mechanical rod.

Batteries are fundamental to the safety of mechanical mods.

In fact, it's the main reason of the mechanical rod accidentis, because the mechanical rod itself is a piece of metal tube, so how can it explode?  It’s the battery which explode inside the mechanical rod. So the first safety precondition for using a mechanical rod is battery.  we must use genuine power type high-rate output battery, and know whether the discharge performance of the battery supports the nebulizer with the resistance.

The approximate method is to calculate the approximate range according to Ohm's law: voltage, resistance, and current. For example, your atomizer's resistance is 0.2Ω, then you can calculate it with a nominal

voltage of 3.7V÷0.2Ω=18.5A. In other words, if a mechanical rod is used with this 0.2 ohm atomizer, the battery output is greater than 18.5 A. Most batteries that continue to discharge 20 A can be used, while the battery that discharges 10 A cannot be used.

Similarly, if the nebulizer's resistance is 1.2Ω, then 3.7V÷1.2Ω = 3.08A, the actual current needs about 3A, so according to the nebulizer resistance to determine whether the battery output is appropriate.

Although this method is not very rigorous, it also needs to consider the internal resistance of the battery and other parameters, but for the use of e-cigarettes,we can judge it by this method.

The mechanical rod does not have electronic components, so it does not show you whether the resistance, the battery is suitable, or whether the nebulizer is short-circuited like the pressure regulating device. It can only be judged based on the knowledge and experience of the electronic cigarette that the user has. Therefore, the safe use of mechanical rods requires the relevant knowledge.

How to use mechanical rods safely

Although the structure of a mechanical rod is prone to short circuit, as long as the principle is mastered and safety precautions are taken, the mechanical rod is not as frightful as the legend.

A, Use the genuine battery with the matching power output

As mentioned before, the battery is the precondition for the safety of the mechanical rod. In addition to matching power output and resistance values, the most important thing is genuine!

The performance of counterfeit, OEM, and used-disassembled batteries is often very different from that of genuine products. Using such batteries will greatly increase potential safety hazards. Therefore, if you use mechanical rods, please make sure that you purchase a genuine new battery.

The resistance value should not be too low in daily use. In addition to smoke, the taste of ejuice is also very important, so do not blindly pursue ultra-low resistance, which imposes an excessive load on the battery .

B.Make sure to check the equipment and battery frequently.

You must always pay attention to checking the connection between the atomizer and the shaft and whether the battery sheath is damaged.

The shell inside the battery casing is the negative pole of the battery. If the casing breaks, it will contact with the wall of the mechanical rod directly. It will bypass the switch at the bottom to form a circuit and the atomizer will work automatically unless you take out the battery or remove the atomizer.Otherwise it will not stop working. This situation is most concealed and unnoticeable when carried.

Because the e cig battery is discharged for a long time and the nebulizer is always in working condition, it will form a high temperature, so be careful when you find it to avoid burns.

Secondly, it will cause the atomization core to dry and even carbonize. If it is an tank atomizer, it will cause a large amount of smoke oil to leak.

The simple method is to remove the nebulizer and disconnect the circuit so that the battery will stop working.

C, Choose the right atomizer.

The 510 interface at the bottom of the atomizer is also an important factor affecting the safety of the mechanical rod.  the positive pole of the power supply will be higher than the negative pole to avoid the short circuit.

There is also a saying about nebulizer: "The finished atomizer cannot be used with a mechanical rod." The finished atomizer is also a kind of atomizer. To determine whether the atomizer is suitable for use with a mechanical rod, it is depend on whether the positive electrode at the bottom protrudes. Since some finished atomizers use a spring-type power supply anode, which aims to better adapt to the main equipment, and the early 510 interface of the voltage regulator device is mostly used to adjust the height of the positive electrode screw with nebulizers. replacing different nebulizers requires repeated rotation of the adjustment screw, which is inconvenient. As a result, some finished atomizers use a spring-loaded positive electrode, which can be automatically adapted without the need to adjust the main equipment.

This type of atomizer is suitable for mechanical rods with finer positive pole, but when the positive pole and negative pole are flat, the positive pole will be compressed into the negative pole by the pressure when some mechanical rods with thick positive poles or without positive poles are used. The short circuit occurs after direct contact with the positive post of the mechanical rod or the positive electrode of the battery, so the nebulizer of this spring-type positive electrode structure is not suitable for  a mechanical rod.

Many people like to DIY and rebuild the finished atomization core. Since the space is small, the coil and the wire can easily form a short circuit in the interior. Therefore, the homemade and modified finished atomizer is also not suitable for a mechanical rod.

What’s the safe resistance of the mechcanical rod?

The so-called "safe resistance" mainly refers to two aspects, one is based on the battery discharge capacity, and the other is based on the battery load to find a fixed value - 0.2Ω.

A. As mentioned above, the output of the battery is calculated by the resistance and the current needed for the operation of the coil is calculated. Then is it possible to calculate the minimum resistance supported by the discharge performance of the battery?

It is also calculated according to the formula "voltage ÷ current = resistance". For example, the battery's continuous discharge capacity is 20A. It can be calculated that 3.7V÷20A=0.185Ω. If the battery's continuous discharge is 30A, the calculation result is 0.123Ω. If the continuous discharge is 40A, the calculation result is 0.0925Ω. These values can be understood as the lowest resistance supported by batteries with different discharge capacities.

Therefore,  you need to know the  battery discharge capacity well in order to adjust a reasonable resistance

B, 0.2Ω is a "watershed" of the battery discharge load. As the following shows:

 3.7V ÷ 0.2Ω = 18.5A; 3.7V ÷ 0.19 Ω = 19.47A; 3.7V ÷ 0.18 Ω = 20.55A ......

We can see that when the resistance is less than 0.2Ω, although the resistance is only reduced by 0.01Ω, the discharge current increases

exponentially, which will greatly increase the load of the battery. Therefore, in the early stage of electronic cigarettes, 0.2Ω was used as a standard, and users with less than 0.2Ω should pay more attention to the safety issues.

In fact, the so-called "safe resistance" is not a fixed value, and with the improvement of battery materials and the improvement of performance, the resistance that can be supported is also getting lower and lower, but this does not mean that as long as the battery is in good condition, then The resistance can be made very low.

Mechanical rods are inexplicably attractive to e-cigarette newcomers, like “puffer fish”, and they both want to taste delicious and fear the toxins of pufferfish.

In fact, if you master the relevant knowledge of electronic cigarettes, strictly follow the safety regulations, and frequently check the status of the equipment during daily use, the mechanical rods are not so terrible.

However, due to the lack of experience and judgment, for the newcomers,it is better to choose safer and more convenient pressure regulating equipment to get started.while understanding the principle and having the basic knowledge of e-cigarettes,you can choose a mechanical rod to have a try.



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