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por phoebe guo en April 03, 2018

Many people have heard of "homemade Ejuice." Do you know what is the Ejuice made of? In fact, the composition of the smoke oil is still relatively simple. Although the taste of the E-juice is ever-changing, but the ingredients are always the same, mainly include: PG, VG, essence, nicotine solution and additives. These raw materials are very common in daily life, so it's possible to DIY E-juice. However, please note that must use "food grade" or "pharmaceutical grade" raw materials to avoid health effects. While many merchants use shoddy goods, using industrial-grade raw materials to impersonate food grades, and novices can't distinguish, so this is one of the reasons why novice smokers are not advised to make their own E-juice.


The Composition of E-juice

1, PG, also known as propylene glycol. It is a very widely used raw material that we can access almost every day in our daily lives. Such as cakes, liquid soap, lipstick ... and so on. The main roles of PG in E-juice are dissolving flavor, producing a certain throat sensation, and diluting the viscosity of E-juice. In general self-made vaping juice, the PGs of the "Dow" are mostly used , and they must be in compliance with "FDA" standards to be relatively safe and healthy. However, many people are allergic to PG, and the inhalation of pure PG mist will cause adverse reactions such as nausea, dizziness, and vomiting, which will seriously endanger life. So there is no "pure PG" component of the E juice.

2, VG, also known as glycerol or vegetable glycerine. I believe that many people are familiar with it, because if you want to play big smog, it will certainly be VG. Its main role is to produce a lot of if you want an experience with larger smog,you can chose high VG vape juice. However, VG has a high viscosity and poor fluidity, so it is generally required to use PG or distilled water to dilute it. Compared with PG, general flavors and additives are hardly soluble in VG. VG is much softer than PG, and the resulting smoke is soft and smooth, but it is not as good as PG for improving the taste of E-juice.

3, Flavor, flavor determines the taste of a E-juice, divided into domestic flavor and imported flavor. For the imported flavors, you can use the specific flavors which are specially designed and manufactured for the preparation of E-juice. The flavor, solubility and other properties are better than ordinary food flavors. For domestic flavors, it is best to use high-temperature edible baking flavors and to use “water-soluble” or “oil-water soluble” flavors to avoid turbidity that is insoluble in PG.and it is hard to say what is the best Ejuice flavor.

4. Nicotine solution, which is one of the very high risk ingredients. As we all know, pure nicotine is highly toxic.  it can cause poisoning even just smelling a bit. Pure nicotine is also one of the highly dangerous chemicals that are controlled by the state. Therefore, we just can use the nicotine solution.we can dissolve different amount of pure nicotine  in a PG solvent and get different concentrations of nicotine solution. The common standard are 36 mg/ml and 40 mg/ml which represent 36,40 milligrams of nicotine per 1 ml of nicotine solution.

For example, to make 10ml of E-juice with a concentration of 6mg, we calculate that the total amount of nicotine in 10ml of E-juice is 6x10 = 60mg. If a nicotine solution with a concentration of 40 mg is used, the calculation is 60 ÷ 40 = 1.5 ml, and if the nicotine solution is 36 mg then 60 ÷ 36 = 1.6 mg. It should be noted here that although the nicotine content of nicotine solution is low, but nicotine can be absorbed through the skin and even the respiratory tract, so when using nicotine solution, we must pay attention to safety.Do make protective measures, wear gloves, masks, goggles . If an accident occurs, flush with plenty of water first and seek medical attention immediately. The nicotine solution is toxic, and novices rarely realize the danger, and may use the wrong conversion. Therefore, it is highly recommended that novices use nicotine solution to make E-juice. Must pay attention to safety!

5, Additives, its role is to improve the taste. Common agents such as: throat throat agent, can make the E-juice into the throat more smooth, reduce irritation; sweeteners, increase the sweetness of the E-juice; sweetener, can reduce the "sweetness" of the entrance of the E-juice, ethyl malt Phenol, flavoring; etc. There are more special, such as "distilled water" is used to dilute the overall viscosity of the smoke, many of the pure "VG" component of the E-juice will be added. Additives do not necessarily have to be added to the E-juice, and it is necessary to consider whether to use it according to the formula or the actual situation.

Some concepts of homemade E-juice

1, PV ratio. One of the first parameters to be determined before the production of E-juice is the ratio of PG to VG. PG is too high. Smoke tastes more stimulating and tastes better. However, the proportion of PG is too high, in addition to the smaller smoke, but also lead to sore throat, dizziness and other symptoms. If the content of VG is too high, although the smog will become larger, the fluidity of the E-juice will also deteriorate, which is not conducive to the juice, and it will corrode the tank. Generally "pure VG" smoke oil is mostly used for big smoke drops. So the correct "PG ratio" will balance the amount and taste of E-juice.

The commonly used "PV ratio" is 7:3, 6:4 and 5:5. and 5:5 is mostly used in DIY E-juice.

2, Nicotine concentration. In front of the concentration, I also briefly mentioned that it was determined that the nicotine content of the E-juice. The DIY E-juices are mostly 6mg, 4mg, 3mg and 0mg. Nicotine solution was calculated into the total PG content.

3, perfume ratio. The proportion of essential oils in E-juice is usually not more than “20%”, which means that if 10ml of E-juice is produced, the total amount of flavor should not exceed 2ml. If it is a “single” taste, only one taste flavor is used in E-juice, then the proportion is usually not more than “10~15%”. The proportion of this essence, plus the aforementioned PV ratio, is usually calculated in two ways. The first method is to calculate the essence as a part of it. For example, if 10ml PV juice with 5:5 ratio is used, then the dosage is 4mlPG + 4mlVG. And 2ml of flavor. The second method is to calculate the flavor into the PG. This is because most of the essential juices used in the fragrance juice are pg, so the method of counting PG is more accurate. For example, it is also prepared 10ml, the PV ratio is 5:5, the concentration of 6mg of E-juice, the concentration of nicotine used is 40mg, then the amount is this: VG5ml, PG1.5ml, nicotine solution 1.5ml, essence total 2ml. This example shows that nicotine solutions and flavors were all assigned to the PG. The specific method used can refer to the type of base fluid used for the fragrance. If it is imported special flavor, then the base fluid is mostly PG, so it can be calculated. If it is a domestic flavor or does not know the specific base fluid type, then it can be calculated in the first way.

4, oil up. Many people do not understand the role and methods of E-juice waking. How long do you need to wake it up? Open the lid or seal it? Do you have to stir it every day? In fact, the role of the juice waking is to homogenize the various components of the E-juice together. This “homogenization” varies according to the type of fragrance and the complexity of the recipe, and the time required is not the same. Usually tobacco-flavored juices and complex-formulated juices take a relatively long time, while fruit-based juices take less time, and even single flavored E-juices can be used the next day.

In addition to "homogenization," "oil up" also has the effect of "alcoholization." Just like wine, the longer the time, the better the taste. For example, the taste of the test oil on the second day is not as good as that on the seventh day, but the taste of the half-month later is not as good as one after one month. As time goes on, the tastes of E-juice are more mellow and, if it is not pumping, the homemade E-juice stored for one month will definitely make you feel that the time spent is worth it. Of course, E-juice also has a shelf life. Without a professional storage environment, the shelf life of E-juice is usually 1 to 2 years. So it doesn't need to take long for  waking .

Should it be opened or sealed in the end, should it be shaken, stirred or left standing every day? In fact, the main purpose of opening the lid is to let some of the odor of raw materials go. As for the contact with the air and the reaction, I do not think it is necessary to open the lid for a long time,since the flavor will evaporate. The author's recommended practice is to shake it for a few minutes after the first three days of preparation, and then open the lid for one minute to cover the lid. After 3 days, it only needs shaking evenly every day.   and there is  no need to do so after 7 days, just waiting for the E-juice to get better.


1. The original intention of many people using homemade E-juice is to save money.  In fact, when you do it, you will find that the charm of homemade E-juice is not to save money but to invent and create its own taste and formula! you can  adjust the E-juice according to your own preferences. This is what  DIY E-juice really appeals us.

2, Production methods and preparation tools. Many people do not know where to start. The author's suggestion is to first look for some formulas for "clone" refined juices, choose several flavors that are more liked by them, and then buy flavors based on the essences of the formulas above, so as not to be confused. The author suggests that novices start from two formulas, "Mama's Milk" and "Dragon's Blood," because the two formulas are extremely similar. Without investing too much flavor, they can produce two types of E-juice to experience. This is also a tip for self-made E-juice. Try to choose the formula that uses the high flavor coincidence method to create, then you can avoid the initial investment too much and waste the material.

In terms of tools, the most common error for novices is to buy a large number of various tool accessories. then it will be found that many are not used. In fact, there is no need for too much equipment, just a 50ml beaker, or buy 100ml beaker one more.50ml can be used to make 10ml or 30ml "demonstration", 100ml used to make the final product. It's better not to exceed 100ml once time,  because even the taste you like, you will have no interest while keeping 1 day. So if it is not for long-term "cellaring ",Do not make a big bottle of vape juice at one time.

In addition to beakers, the most important thing is the stirrer. If have no electric drills ,you  can buy a small electric “stirrer”, preferably a plug-in type, because Agitators that use batteries are mostly deficient in power and are very power consuming. The next is the syringe, 1ml syringe is used to extract essence, 5ml syringe is used to extract pg, vg. If you want to make a large batch,  a 50ml or 20ml syringe will be needed.  Don't buy a bunch of flashy stuff because you can't use it at all. The most important is that disposable gloves which are necessary to prevent the skin from sticking to nicotine solution and contaminating the E-juice. Goggles I also recommend starting one to prevent nicotine and smoke from entering the eye while stirring. Masks are also needed, but if you can hold your breath when operating nicotine solution, you can not,.DO REMEMBER, do not smell nicotine solution!  The taste is TOO BAD and the damage is SO LARGE.

The use of lead-free glass dropper bottles for the use of E-juice is preferable to health and hygiene. If you store for a long period of time, try not to use containers such as plastics and silicones which will react with your E-juice and affect its quality and taste.


 #1: Not Steeping Your Juice

As soon as your finish your juice, you're going to be in a hurry to test it out to see if you pulled it off properly. However, what many newbies don't become fully aware of is that juices have to steep. It needs to age, like a fine wine or cheese, for a while before its flavors combine and oxidize. This steeping process allows the ingredients to mix properly, as well as allowing the flavors to shine.

To properly steep your juice, please make sure it is in glass bottles. Since it requires heat, and glass has better heat-retaining abilities than plastic.

The most popular steeping method is a water bath. Place the bottles of juice in a container and fill this container halfway with warm water. Then, place this bath in a dark, cool area for a few days.

 #2: Not Cleaning Your Equipment

Flavoring extracts are very powerful, concentrated products that’ll remain in place if you do not adequately wash your equipment after each mixing session. Equipment like syringes and bottles must be washed thoroughly with hot water or alcohol, or else they’ll preserve the flavor of the prior batch.

#3: Guessing the Proportions

You can DIY your own liquids by yourself, However, there are still standard proportions that you should not go away from to. For instance, a frequent beginner mistake is going a bit overboard with the flavors. Even if a flavor is delicious, adding too much of it will ruin the consistency and likely make the taste of it so intense that it just won't be pleasant. There’s a science to creating vape liquid that involves specific proportions of ingredients. Luckily, you can use calculator tools online that’ll help you get your proportions to where they need to be.

Listing some of the most popular e-liquids found from various vendors and merchants. Maybe you find your favorite.

1. Castle Long Clone: An inexpensive alternative to the popular castle long e-liquid. Hosting an addictive aroma with the smell of roasted almond nut bread, playing around with different substitutions of fruit flavors you can reach your desired aftertaste, or keep it simple. 


Percentage              TFA Flavoring

2.5%                       Kentucky Bourbon

1.5%                       Coconut Extra

1.5%                       Acetyl Pyrazine

1.5%                      Toasted Almond

1%                         Vanillin

1%                         Bourbon Vanilla

1%                         Brown Sugar Extra


2. Vanilla Tobacco: This e-liquid recipe has a nice smooth and flavorful taste, with a decent vapor production. The e-liquid recipe is diketone free, hosting a creamy and mild honey tobacco flavor, with quite a large nicotine percentage you might want to play with this until you reach your desired taste. VG50/PG50 Base 6% Nicotine


Percentage            TFA Flavoring

5%                         Black Honey Tobacco

3.5%                      French Vanilla Cream

1.5%                      DX Bavarian Cream


3. Dr. P Pepper: Almost identical in taste to the famous drink Dr. Pepper, this e-liquid recipe has a perfect balance between its sweet taste. The balance between cola and different berries makes an interesting aftertaste. VG50/PG50 Base (No nicotine specified)


Percentage             TFA Flavoring

11%                        Plum

5%                          Black Cherry

4%                          Cola

1%                         Cinnamon Spice


4. Candy Bar: Just like the name, this e-liquid recipe is incredibly sweet. Hosting many of the flavors found in the most popular chocolate bars, you will be sure to feed your sweet tooth with this incredibly diverse juice. VG50/PG50 (No nicotine specified)


Percentage           TFA Flavoring

5%                        Peanut Butter

5%                        Marshmallow

5%                       Double Chocolate

3.5%                    Caramel

1-2%                   Sweetener


You have made your first bottle of juice successfully. Now let's share the information with your vape friends. There’s a whole world of flavors out there, many times more than you’ll find on sale at your local brick and mortar vape shop. Here are some tips for finding new recipes:

Reddit – The DIY e-juice subreddit is responsible for countless excellent recipes. Here you’ll find invaluable information about the art of DIY, along with thousands of vape juice recipes.

eLR – As well as being a valuable mixing calculator, eLR also has a vast numbers of recipes. Its most useful feature is the flavour stash – input your stockpile of flavours and eLR will come up with a list of e-juice recipes you can make. But be careful, anyone can submit recipes so they aren’t necessarily all winners. Stick to trusted authors and highly-rated submissions.

Kritikalmass - this website is to provide vaping community of Do-It-Yourselfers (DIY) an easy-to-navigate way to search and find recipes for making your own e-liquids at a fraction of the cost of pre-made mixes.

Freebase  juice vs. Salt nicotine juice: what's the difference.

More and more e-juice brands are now releasing juices with something called “Nicotine Salt”. But what exactly is Nicotine Salt, and how is it different from the nicotine you find in other e-liquids?

Nicotine Salt is the naturally occurring state of nicotine that is found in tobacco leaves. These salts aren’t just nicotine; they’re compounds containing nicotine and another organic components. This could be in combination with one or more of the other chemicals in tobacco leaves. If this form of nicotine was added to the liquid that we vape, we'd need to vape it at extremely high temperatures for the nicotine solution to be effective, and it still wouldn't be as easily absorbed as freebase nicotine

Nicotine Salt e-juice require a lower power device, they are often observed as a better option for replacing tobacco. The similar sensation, higher concentration, and more balanced absorption rate mean that it’s easier to be satisfied by fewer puffs.but if you picked up a bottle of high-strength nicotine salt e-juice and vaped it from a box mod and sub ohm tank setup, you’d likely get a substantially and fairly unpleasant hit of nicotine.

Nicotine salt e-juice isn’t the right choice for every vaper. If you like huge clouds, you’re better off sticking with standard e-juice, for example. But for anybody just switching from smoking who finds ordinary e-juice too harsh on the throat or unsatisfying, or any vaper looking for something to use quickly and discreetly, it’s a potential game-changer.


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