Do E-Cigarettes Really Help With Smoking Cessation?

por phoebe guo en March 01, 2018

Electronic smoke is, as its name implies, a device for generating smoke through the principles of electronic circuits.  Although some people call e-cigarettes "E-ciga," more people are used to calling them "Vape." It is because many people have been misled by "e-cigarettes" that they regard them as branches and substitutes of cigarettes, so they compare the two fundamentally different things together. Some businesses also use the concept of "smoke" in e-cigarettes to mislead consumers.

Just as the rise of "e-mail" cannot completely replace the traditional mail industry; the popularity of the Internet cannot replace television stations; and e-books cannot replace traditional print media, though in very similar forms. But each has its own different orientation and audience, and no one can completely replace who. But there are two sides to everything, and it is precisely because of "smoke" that more and more people begin to pay attention to e-cigarettes, from suspicion to trial. From "Xiao Bai(newbies)" to "Da Shen(experts)", in a sense also played a role in promoting electronic cigarettes.

The most important question for people who have just been exposed to e-cigarettes is "can e-cigarettes really help so quit smoking?" "is e-cigarettes safe? " in fact, the instinctive rejection and suspicion of new things is the human instinct. I was more cautious when I first came into contact with e-cigarettes than anyone else. So I made a lot of efforts to study the principle and harm of e-cigarettes. After three years of personal experience, I started from my own feelings to talk about whether e-cigarettes can give up smoking or not. 

What makes it so hard to give up smoking?

Smoking is a complicated and difficult process. With the drugs, smoking is also divided into two aspects of physiology and psychology. Most smokers do not know, physical addiction is actually very good withdrawal, withdrawal of nicotine is very mild, and no obvious pain, but will bring psychological. The "emptiness", it is often said that the "suck", "my heart always feel empty." when you lit a cigarette, in fact is not to satisfy the cravings, or relieve physical pain, just to "fill the psychological emptiness." if this is not the sense of emptiness to meet the psychological symptoms, will be intensified, as nervousness, irritability, decreased self-confidence and self-control.

This is also a lot of people in a tense time, make and receive an important call, irritability, to reason first lit cigarettes often before making an important decision, in order to alleviate the psychological tension. Once the cigarette is ignited, get nicotine supplement in a few seconds, smokers will short, before the emptiness will disappear, let smokers relax. Although many people don't want to smoke, often have to light a cigarette in hand or on the ashtray, because the moment lit cigarettes, psychological feel pleasure. This special psychological phenomenon, has yet to be explained.

Therefore, smoking is the most difficult withdrawal heart addiction. Obviously the body does not need nicotine, but smokers also constantly trying to light a cigarette. Nicotine lozenge, nicotine patch, including electronic cigarette, is a kind of nicotine replacement, and is able to completely quit smoking, the key is to look at those who quit self-control strong perseverance and determination. Even without the aid of any measures can quit smoking.

Can e-cigarettes really quit smoking?

A group of researchers from the University of California San Diego School of Medicine performed an analysis of smoking cessation surveys that were conducted from 2001 to 2015.

To give you some context – the annual smoking cessation rate has been stuck at around 4.5% for years. While a 1.1% increase doesn’t seem much, it’s statistically relevant on a population level. It means that an additional 350,000 smokers have attempted to quit in 2014 and 2015. Professor Shu-Zong Zhu, the lead study researcher, notes: ‘This is the first time in almost a quarter of a century that the smoking cessation rate in the US has increased at the population level’.The researchers quite confidently attribute this increase to the use of e-cigarettes. They correctly state that e-cigs were still relatively unknown in 2010 but that by 2014 their use had become widespread.

Why?E-cigarettes are closer to the habit of using cigarettes than other nicotine alternatives. Users also use them through inhalation, so they are more likely to satisfy the psychological addiction of those who quit smoking than others. The key to success in quitting smoking depends on the willpower of the smoker himself.


E-cigarettes are more accurate than "replacement cigarettes" because the success of quitting varies depending on the user. However, the effect of "replacement cigarettes" in reducing the amount of cigarettes is very obvious and universal. According to the my three years of experience in the use of e-cigarettes, the initial use of e-cigarettes is often the most effective. The first day I used e-cigarettes, I dropped from two and a half packs a day to ten. After a week, I was able to smoke no cigarettes at all, only e-cigarettes. It wasn't because I had willpower. But for three reasons. First, my physical condition no longer allows me to smoke cigarettes, and I have a certain determination to quit smoking. Secondly, e-cigarettes can meet the physical and psychological needs of smokers. Third, after using e-cigarettes, Smoking cigarettes again, the taste will become very strange, completely without the previous mellow taste, but will be some nausea.

 And some of my  friends in the use of electronic cigarettes have the similar experience. Most of them can stop smoking cigarettes altogether or drastically reduce the number of cigarettes. So e-cigarettes have a remarkable effect on "replacement cigarettes." but back to the earlier point of view, whether or not we can stop smoking successfully. It still depends on the user's own factors. Like me, players who use e-cigarettes for a long time often end up smoking cigarettes occasionally. This is a common phenomenon. How difficult is the psychological withdrawal from smoking addiction? There are all kinds of "tall" electronic cigarette devices and ejuice in the hands, but in the end, they still want to light a cigarette. So whether it is e-cigarettes or other ways to quit smoking, They are just a way to succeed or not, depending on the user's own determination and perseverance.

Many businesses have false propaganda about e-cigarettes, exaggerating the role of e-cigarettes, which also makes e-cigarettes "deified", and imposes a lot of labels that they should not be entitled to. So they give up smoking correctly. We should start rationally with the recognition of e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes have good effects on both smoking cessation and replacement cigarettes, but they are not the so-called "smoking cessation artifacts" and "clearing lung poison" as advertised by merchants.

Is the electronic cigarette good? Why do many people on the television say bad?

I spoke my own experiences, the experience is universal, many people use the electronic cigarette experience is almost the same as mine . Since the electronic cigarette has the effect , why would there be so many negative messages ? First of all , there is a conflict and exclusion of new things , which is the instinct of human beings . Although cigarettes are known to have a variety of hazards , the harm to e - cigarettes is still unknown . So far , there is no authoritative organization to take out the exact , positive conclusion that the electronic cigarette is harmful or harmless , so many people prefer to use cigarettes and do not accept electronic cigarettes that are harmful . Second , it is also related to the false propaganda and exaggerating propaganda of the merchant . The effect of electronic cigarette is exaggerated , which often does not accord with the effect of actual experience . It can lead to a great psychological drop in the user , which leads to the great difference between the expectation and the actual experience , which causes many people to think that the electronic cigarette is " cheat " . Point 3 , is also the most important point , the e - cigarette is  a unique field , with unique culture . In this circle , the equipment decides the experience effect .

Some use the portable card machine , while the ones who like photography and the professional photographer will choose " SLR . " Although all can finish the " photographing " function , but the picture quality will have the essential difference . As an example of a camera , it should also be understood that the devices in the field of electronic cigarettes are also numerous and miscellaneous . Different electronic cigarette devices will give users a different feeling . So many media have already interviewed electronic cigarette users , and they have been " beautifying " by merchants . Almost all of the electronic cigarette devices have been sold to electronic cigarette users . Most of the electronic cigarette devices that have been almost eliminated have become 199 , 299 , or even 999 because of their low cost . As a result , all electronic cigarettes are considered to be the same and ineffective . a more intuitive example , as the merchant has packaged a 50w pixel chip mounter into a & quot ; photo - camera & quot , The people who know the camera see a smile because they know the camera ' s knowledge . But for a camera that doesn ' t know anything about the camera , the person who wants to get started can easily be fooled by the false propaganda . But we can do so for all the cameras. so it ' s necessary to know some of the relevant knowledge of the electronic cigarette before you can get a good electronic cigarette experience .

In addition to the equipment, the electronic cigarette's "vape fluid" also plays a crucial role in the e-cigarette experience. A good taste of ejuice, with a good performance of electronic cigarette devices, will give users the best experience of electronic cigarette effects.

E-cigarettes rely on the heating wire to heat the oil and smoke to generate mist, and the user can obtain the taste experience through smoking fog. The cigarettes smoke by burning tobacco smoke, the two ways there is a fundamental difference. And since the smoke and oil do not contain carbon monoxide, tar and other substances, so between the Ecig and traditional cigarette in the mouth there will be a big difference. Some merchants also seize the ordinary people do not understand the difference between the two in this point, the sale of the so-called "real cigarette tastes," such as Yuxi, Furong Wang and so on in China. Most of the people who use e-cigarettes for the first time will not know the related knowledge of e-cigarettes. After using such e-cigarettes, they will certainly think that there is too much difference with cigarettes.

Due to the essential difference in the way smoke is generated and the difference between tobacco smoke and tobacco composition, the current electronic cigarette oil can not achieve the exact same taste as cigarettes. So remind friends who want to try e-cigarettes to try to choose some fruits, dessert flavor of ejuice is more suitable for some. Electronic cigarette is actually a brand new thing, but because people are misled by businesses, only with the taste of cigarettes compared with electronic cigarettes, electronic cigarettes and cigarettes are essentially different, the taste of ejuice is also true that of smoke can not compare.

 If you choose to use electronic cigarettes, how can we minimize the health risks?

I suggest to pay attention to the three major aspects. First of all, to select good performance electronic cigarette equipment, but high performance does not mean that high prices. Suggest you to learn more about e-cigarette knowledge before choosing so that avoid expensively but buy the brutal elimination of the product, and the harm caused by poor quality products.It is also responsible for yourself.

Second, to choose a regular, qualified and suitable for their own taste of ejuice. Currently on the market there are a wide range of cigarettes, domestic cigarettes and imported cigarettes, thousands of brands, types of over 10,000 species. Some older players are usually  hard to decide, let alone newcomers who are new to e-cigarettes. When you choose to learn more about other people generally reflect . If you are more concerned about nicotine, then you can choose a low concentration of cigarettes, such as 3mg, or even "0mg" (completely free from nicotine). The nicotine concentration of the ejuice represents how many grams of nicotine it contains per milliliter. The common "6mg" represents 1ml of ejuice contains 6mg of nicotine. The higher the concentration of cigarettes, bring the "throat hit" the stronger, in terms of popularity is "relieve addiction."

If you want the healthiest use of electronic cigarettes to quit smoking, use nicotine-free cigarettes. Although this will make you think that e-cigarettes are "boring" and "puzzled", if you are concerned about the safety of nicotine and want to use e-cigarettes, then using nicotine-free cigarettes is the only way. This is also a lot of people who do not smoke themselves, want to simply "play" smoke approaching.

Third, there is no safest product, only the most safety conscious. Therefore, when using electronic cigarette equipment, we must correctly select and use electronic cigarette equipment, do not use fake or substandard products or modify the equipment. If you like to do it yourself, you can opt for atomizers such as "RBA", which make their own nebulizer cores. Do not modify finished nebulizers and the main equipment to avoid accidents. Again, learn more about e-cigarette-related knowledge, you will have a correct understanding of e-cigarettes.

This is actually a misleading business. E-cigarettes can generate big cloud when in use. Even if the electronic cigarette device with the smallest amount of smoke produces  larger smoke than that of cigarettes, although not choking, the fog does not contain harmful ingredients, but because there are flavors of ingredients, will have some impact on the surrounding people .There are many people cannot stand Electronic cigarette smoke smell. So even electronic cigarettes, but also try not to be in public places, non-smoking places to use, to avoid affecting others. And when driving the big cloud caused by the E-cig will affect the sight, do not use electronic cigarette while driving.

Finally, with the development of e-cigarette technology and its popularity , more and more people are beginning to use e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes have evolved from a purely for products to a culture. The smoke contest, fancy electronic cigarette performance and the cool side of these e-cigarettes are often displayed in front of us, but also attracted more people to the electronic cigarette attention.  With the improvement of people's awareness of electronic cigarettes, the attitude towards electronic cigarettes will become more rational. The related laws and regulations will be perfect so that everyone can be more at ease and safely enjoy the fun brought by electronic cigarettes.


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