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                                              1 Tip to Keep You Out of Leaking!

Why does your atomizer leak? How about the cotton surely to be plug well? 

Hello, this is Truman. Today we will talk about the atomizer leak which is really a troublesome topic. Everyone who wants to know and join E-cig industry can't avoid meeting the leaking problem. 

Annoying leaks

What's the most annoying problem when using E-cig? Of course, it is leaking. When you took out the equipment and prepared a perfect gesture, you discovered that the atomizer was leaking...Dirty clothes do not say, smeared with smoked oil is very annoying, right? Coincidentally you did not have the paper towels ... ... embarrassingly stood there?I believe you will quietly rubbing the oil on your pants just like me...

Then silently be sad for the waste of a tube of e-liquid, very expensive ... ...Obviously, the atomized core has been made, how can it leak so easily? Although my hand is not very smart, at least I'm using electronic cigarettes for several years.What is the solution to the leak?

In fact, most of the oil leaks are due to the incomplete treatment of cotton.

Vaper A: Nonsense! Everyone can plug a cotton! I can plug the cotton with my eyes closed!

Well, yes, you are the god, but look at the atomizer and take apart it to find where leak the oil. These holes for oil guiding are so big! The top is plugged in, the following cannot stop, sooner or later these holes have to leak!

Let's take a look at the structural principle of RTA (atomizer for oil storage). The atomization chamber is placed in the oil tank and the bottom is connected to the oil tank through the oil guide. If you think about the physical knowledge of the junior high school, this is a bottom. Connected "connected vessels", in the connected vessels, the liquid level of each connected vessel must be at the same height.

The blue line in the figure represents the oil level. Influenced by the pressure in the warehouse, the oil in the tank will continuously enter the atomization chamber to observe the physical phenomenon and keep the liquid level of the connected device consistent. This is scientific ......

Once the liquid level in the atomization chamber exceeds the air inlet, it will flow into the air passage and flow out of the air hole, causing oil leakage.

Therefore, the oil spill is inevitable, but it is only temporary...

This is science, too...

In order to delay and limit the quick entry of ejuice into the atomization bin, the correct cotton treatment method is the correct solution.

Cotton can not only transport the ejuice to the coil for consumption, but also can block the oil inlet when no ejuice is consumed, and prevent the liquid level in the warehouse from getting higher and higher.

Many friends often use it for a day without problems, but when they wake up, they find that the atomizer has leaked oil. Because after the atomizer has been left standing for a night, a large amount of ejuice enters the inner chamber and is not consumed. The height of oil exceeds the air hole and enter the airway.


Since the two-column four-hole structure appeared, it is very popular among many vapers. It is widely used because of the convenient installation of coils.The cotton finds a suitable length, and it is OK to insert the coil directly into the bottom tank, but Is it complete?

Many people who use the Merlin mini find to encounter oil leaking. Even if the cotton is plugged, it is also an oil spill.

I once saw a video. After a neophyte was filled with a bit of oil, the stomata began to leak like a spring.

I told him that the cotton had not been handled well, but this buddy had to swear, according to the instructions, tutorials, videos, do not have the difference...

I told him to dismantle the vape glass tank and looked at the oil port.

Although the amount of cotton is appropriate, the oil tank is also full, but the oil outlet is not treated. After the cotton absorbs the oil, the fiber shrinks. If it is not adjusted, the oil port becomes a “drainage port”...

At present, more and more people use double-column four-hole structure RTA. High degree of convenience also often allows users to ignore the position of the fuel port. The correct approach is, in addition to the oil tank fortress good cotton, which the oil guide must be treated with tweezers for a moment and fill the cotton with the oil outlet and leave no gaps.

For example, the SMOK TFV-8 RBA base which I use for a long time often suffers from oil leakage. Once it has missed a handful of oil, I have opened the atomizer and discovered that it was because the oil guiding port was not properly prepared.

Although the cotton is placed very standard, there is a large gap at the oil guide, and the ejuice will gradually flow from the gap into the atomization chamber, and the oil leakage is inevitable.

The correct approach is to use pointed tweezers to adjust the cotton in the oil guide after the cotton is stuffed. By stretching, plucking, etc., the cotton is filled with the oil outlet, leaving no gaps. This will cause oil leakage. It may decrease the possibility of oil leakage to a minimum.

The vast majority of RTAs can observe the shape of the cotton at the port of the oil through a transparent oil tank. If gaps can be clearly seen, they should be adjusted in time or replaced with cotton.

The Merlin mini's oil port is relatively small, so it is difficult for average users to find the importance here.

The current atomizer structure mostly supports fancy coils. To ensure the oil supply, the oil guiding port will be larger and larger. For this kind of atomizer, we must pay attention to adjusting the cotton at the oil guide port.

For example, the recent hot WAKE RTA, the size of the fuel port is very large, and the cotton treatment is very convenient, very confusing, many users are cutting the cotton, put on the outer housing cover, cotton automatically into the tank, Convenient?

But what about the oil guide? Look carefully, this is not perfect, and there are many gaps.

This type of oil port, after the installation of vape juice, will increase the gap and cause the oil leakage.

Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the cotton at the oil outlet. Like the right side of the figure, the cotton at the oil outlet is full and full of the oil outlet without any gaps, so as to prevent your top vape juice from entering the atomization chamber too quickly.

Similar structures include Creto's RBA kit, which also has a large port. If the cotton is not handled properly, it can easily leak oil.

Therefore, when using the new RTA, it is important to note that cotton is not just finished! Also, manage the access to the tank and atomization tank.

Maybe you would say, I only use RDA (rebuildable drip atomizer). I'm not afraid of oil leaks, right?

The structure of oil storage is very similar between RDA and RTA, pay attention to the amount of refuel. Once the oil level in the tank exceeds the pores, it will leak oil.too!

Please note that cotton must be kept away from air holes! Keep away from stomata!! Keep away from stomata!!! To avoid oil spills from the smoke inlet holes on the cotton!

In fact, the sub ohm tank has been relatively complete in the prevention of oil leakage. Friends who have disassembled the sub ohm atomizing core know that there will be two layers of cotton inside. The outer layer is located at the mouth of the guide to limit the ejuice and flow rate to avoid oil leakage.

Now that you’ve got the hang of wicking your own vape, it’s time to talk about maintenance. Each of the  wicking materials has its own lifespan, but you need to be paying attention to your wicks so you’ll know when their time is up. You’ll quickly learn that cotton can become very grimy and foul tasting if you leave it in your vape for too long.

Failing to change wicks can also leave nasty residue on your coils that requires cleaning or replacing. The best practice is to check your wicks often and notice when they start to become discolored.

You will also start to taste the burnt flavor of old liquid residue along the way, indicating that it’s time for a new wick. Fortunately, re-wicking your vape should become second nature and you will be able to complete the process in just minutes.


In a conclusion

The oil spill is annoying! Just like the most hated assassin suddenly jumped out to take you away with a set and make you feel bad when you play the King of Glory!

However, as long as you have mastered the principles and techniques, you can stay away from oil spills.

The King's Glory pays attention to the outfit. The electronic cigarette must be adjusted according to the structural characteristics of the device in order to enjoy real fun!

Today's content is here! I wish everyone a happy day! Stay away from oil spills!




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