Some Basic Questions about Vaping

por phoebe guo en March 02, 2018

What is vaping exactly?

You should get to know the different types of vaporizers before diving deeper into the world of vaping. 

For a layperson, we can define vaping as: the act of inhaling water vapor from an e-cig.

The vapor is the gaseous form of flavored e-liquid – which may or may not contain nicotine. You can find e-liquids in virtually every imaginable flavor and a wide variety of nicotine strengths. Unlike smoke, vapor looks very thick and smells like candy or the flavor it has.

The battery powered nicotine delivery device that’s seemingly exploded into a three billion dollar global industry. It’s the e-cigarette evolved into an entirely new sensory experience packed with thousands of flavor combinations and unique delivery devices that look more at home in a sci-fi movie than the back of a gas station. 

Vaping is not the same as an e-cigarette

It's clear that vaping has many benefits over traditional smoking, but what about standard e-cigs vs. vaporizers? Just a few years ago, you were lucky to find any e-cig supplies whatsoever. But nowadays, when walking into a vape shop or browsing online, vapers are faced with literally thousands of options—from custom e-liquid blends to different batteries and brands. It's enough to make a vaper dizzy...

Another one of these options is a standard e-cig versus a personal vaporizer. Standard e-cigarettes, which are the cigarette look-a-likes most commonly associated with vaping, are still the more popular smokeless devices, but vaporizers are increasingly becoming more mainstream and fashionable amongst experienced vapers.

Ultimately, your choice between a standard e-cig versus a personal vaporizer will depend on which experience you feel most comfortable with. E-cigarettes are smaller and look more like cigarettes, but are limited in battery life, nicotine consistency and flavor experimentation.

Vaporizers, on the other hand, are bigger and don't resemble traditional cigarettes quite as much, but can deliver more consistent nicotine delivery, battery longevity and a much larger variety of flavors and features. You have to decide what is most important to you and make your choice.

How to maintain your device

Changing your coil

E-liquid is absorbed into the absorbent (usually cotton) wick inside of your coil. After a certain amount of use (2 weeks on average), this material will start to break down and lose its ability to hold the liquid. Imagine using a wet paper towel to clean up a juice spill—it’s not very effective, and would be much more efficient to use a new dry piece. This also applies to coils, and is the reason why they should be changed out regularly.Do not ask me how to clean the coils! Coils that are switched out on a regular basis will give you better quality vapor and flavor, and prevent issues such as leaking or spitting.

Cleaning your tank

Keeping your tank clean is a small maintenance activity that can help you to continue having enjoyable vaping experiences. If you do not clean your tank every so often, you may find a residual buildup of e-liquid in the seals and threads of your tank. This can lead to leaking, lower performance and all-around wear on your tank.

To clean your tank, you want to remove your tank from the device, and remove the coil (do not wash the coil piece. It is easiest to clean your tank when you are already doing your scheduled coil change, and have the coil removed from the tank). The top and base of the tank can be cleaned under warm running water. If you have some built up residue, you can use a cotton swab or toothpick to dislodge it and then rinse the tank of the debris. Leave your tank to dry completely before re-installing the coil and filling.

Whatever you do, do not use soap or other cleaning products to clean your tank. These products will leave remnants in your tank that can potentially be absorbed into your e-liquid and inhaled.

Another good time to empty and clean your tank is when you’ve experienced a burnt coil. The flavour of e-liquid left in a tank with a burnt coil can become tainted with the burnt flavour, and still have a foul taste, even after changing the coil. It’s best to start with a clean tank and fresh e-liquid if your coil burns.

This seems like a fairly obvious way to keep your device maintained, but it’s especially crucial for reasons you might not not think.

Charging your batteries regularly

As you use your device, the charge in your batteries will weaken and eventually stop working. This is easy to detect, since most e-cigarettes will automatically notify you when your device doesn’t have enough charge to fire.

However, even before the batteries are empty, you may notice that the vapor produced by your device will also become weaker. This can lead to a lower dispersion rate of nicotine, and you can begin to feel withdrawal symptoms. A solution to this is to keep your charger on you as much as possible, and to have a source of power, such as a portable power bank, if you are often away from home. This will ensure that your device is consistently performing at its optimal level.

Could Vaping Be Harmless For You And Your Pocket?

Why are people for vaping? For starters, vaping is much cheaper than smoking. According to Dallas News, a smoker can spend about $1,500 in low-tax states, about $5,000 in more expensive states. The average pack costs about $13. If you add that up over a year, it works out $2,250 out of your pocket a year.

When switching to disposable e-cigarettes; they cost about $6-10 each, which works out between $1,100 to $1,800 a year. Therefore, you are saving multiple hundreds of dollars. Also, when it comes to rechargeable vaporizers with disposable cartridges, your initial purchase will be higher around $10 to $35. In the end, you may pay $2.50 a piece to replace the cartridges, but you have the potential to save up to $1,800 a year.

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A pretty colorful vape culture has emerged

In the vaping world, a kooky, DIY spirit abounds. Even if you don’t make your own “mod,” -- slang for vape gear made from repurposed materials, like game controllers -- vapes demand a lot of tinkering. There are large gatherings of vapers, called “vape meets”, in which enthusiasts swap new gadgets, flavors and hopefully cool nicknames like “Smokey Bear”.

Is Vaping Safe?

Merriam-Webster defines safe as free from harm or risk. So, no, vaping is not safe. Neither is eating pretzels. Ask former President George W. Bush about that. Very few products or activities can ever offer guarantees of being “safe.”

But it’s understandable for concerned parents, curious observers, and skeptics to approach the topic of vaping from a perspective of “safety.” People often demand safety from things they’re unfamiliar with — even as they forget that they themselves engage in activities daily that are not safe.

As with any electronic device powered by lithium batteries, there is some small risk of a battery being defective, or the charging circuits malfunctioning. There are a lot more cell phone fires than there are vape explosions, but since non-smokers use phones too, the public isn’t as frightened of phones.

Most vaping battery accidents happen through careless handling of loose batteries, improper charging, or inexperienced vapers using mechanical mods meant for advanced hobbyists. With caution and an eye toward battery safety, there’s no reason vapers should have to worry much about their devices malfunctioning.

Finally, we need to understand that even the safest foods we eat aren’t 100%. You might be surprised to know that coffee contains an addictive stimulant plus 22 known carcinogens. If you care about your health, the only thing you should be inhaling is fresh air. 


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