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por phoebe guo en March 13, 2018

After a happy holiday of the Spring Festival, besides red envelopes, red envelopes, and red envelopes... The holiday program that is indispensable for e-cigarette enthusiasts, of course, is a steam party among friends. During this period of time, I walked through all kinds of small gatherings. Many of my friends who have just come into contact with RDA and they have many questions that I can’t answer. Today I’ve put together a few small summaries that I hope will help you unravel the doubts in your life. Enjoy the pleasure that RDA brings to you.

Question one: If I want clouds of vapor, may I have to get started with RDA?

The answer is “not necessarily!” For RDA, due to the influence of structural design, there will generally be more air intake and atomization space than RTA. However, this does not mean that RDA must be introduced when you want to create clouds of vapor. According to the taste or the position of vapor, RDA will also design different structures. In the past of 2016, a large number of large smoke RTA and RDTA products have emerged, and their fogging capabilities are no longer inferior to ordinary taste RDAs.

In fact, one of the characteristics that RDA is actually worth paying attention to is oil dripping. Through the direct dropwise addition of each liquid, the use of RDA does not need to take into account the general RTA structural oil guiding process and quality. The smoke that evaporates through the coil in each liquid saturated state will have a clearly superior taste and concentration. This is one of the important reasons why many people who use RDA will no longer pick up the RTA.

Question two: There are variable RDA products in the market, how can I choose the right one?

First of all, you must be clear about your purchase needs, the need for the main performance of the vapor or liquid flavor. The RDA products of 22MM and 24MM now appear in most cases, the RDA of the taste type will be within the diameter of 22MM, and the RDA product with the main vapor amount will be within the range of 24MM. Of course, this is only principle under normal circumstances.

After selecting the diameter size, you can start thinking about double or single shots. In single-shot RDAs, single-stranded filaments can be used to achieve a superior experience. The filaments make up for the fact that traditional single-coil coils produce less vapor and are not saturated enough. This kind of design also enhances the feeling of grainy. The single structure is also relatively simple to do the core operation, and very suitable for friends who get cancer of laziness. You can also consider single structure RDA if you are really busy and decide to join the E-cig family.

Though the double-RDA still have many differences in the structural design of the electrode stage, however, their form is actually the same. Once the single and double shots are confirmed, then choose one of your favorite appearance to be enough. If you continue to look down, you will know what you want...

Question 3: Under so many kinds of air intake designs, how to choose your favorite one?

Whether it is a bottom air intake, side air intake, top air intake, or hybrid air intake, their purpose is the same - to send air inside the atomizer to take away the smoke while cooling the coil.

All kinds of intake have their own advantages and disadvantages, for example:

1. The suction resistance at the bottom of the intake is relatively smooth and comfortable, but it often leads to oil leakage due to poor oil dripping (RDA also leaks oil? Yes!);
2. The side air intake design avoids the bottom oil leakage, but the suction resistance is less than the bottom air intake.

These are all kinds of topics derived from the problems of air intake designs. They can't be discussed to a result for a moment, but it is certain that various air intake designs also have advantages and disadvantages.

The key is to choose the special characteristics between them. If you follow the principle of one-size-fits-all, you can think: For those advanced cancers of laziness, choose the top air intake and side air intake; for those requires extreme obsessive-compulsive disorder patients with taste and experience choose the bottom intake; for those hand residual party choose top intake; for those who get the actuary level and requires play one mod with different atomizers choose variable ways of air intake; the local tyrants can buy all of them and collect every different cool design for air intake.

Question 4: How to plan your own coil parameters?

Manually reconstructed RDA is undoubtedly a lot of fun in the production of coils, but many friends who have just started have no sense in choosing the parameters of the heating wire. Here we recommend a subjective principle that repeats once. This is a subjective principle:

1. Most of the 22MM RDA of taste type can use 26G and 24G wire diameters, and the ring diameter of 2.5 and 3.0 can be implemented. The relative number of laps is approximately 6-8 turns (double hair), which is slight according to your own usage habits. modify. The single-feeling RDA is relatively simple and uses the Clapton coil directly.

2. Due to the influence of the size of the atomization space, there will be restrictions on the wire diameter for Vapor-based RDA.These are subjective opinions that how large the diameter of the air intake is and how large the air intake is. However, the usage of large diameters, small wire diameters, and double wire winding is not infeasible.

Even a large diameter RDA can be used with 26G and other wire diameters. Whether it can bring you the excellent feeling of saturation in a second, it needs to be experienced by yourself. After all, everyone's requirements are different. If you pay attention to the usage of vapor players, it's not hard to find that most of the second-half suckers use thicker diameters with a 3.0 or 3.5 loop, of course, you have to use your own RDA intake cooling capacity.

Question 5: Does RDA have oil storage?

Many friends will pay attention to this issue. The RDA descript as a drip atomizer, it can also have oil storage. In terms of the structure of the RDA, even if it has oil storage , it is in the form of "temporary oil storage." For RDA, its real oil storage space is on the cotton on both ends of the coil, so you will find that many of the larger smoke parameters start with a 3.0 loop diameter, because large diameter cotton such as 3.0 and 3.5 will have a relative diameter of 2.5 laps.

Of course, some friends will ask, why some players fill the bottom of the RDA with cotton to increase oil storage in some party and get-together meetings. In fact, the idea that RDA's internal small platform is used to load liquid is not reasonable, or it may be more practical to have a RDTA.

Under normal circumstances, the two ends of cotton are treated as sharp and thin as possible with the principle that the cotton foot is just to the bottom. In addition to the RDA directly drip on the cotton in the open lid, many friends who get cancer of laziness will do it in a drip method which directly drips from the nozzle to the internal RDA drop oil. Then the e-liquid goes through the internal small space storage platform to the storage location of the cotton in the shortest time. when you use the RDA after a few seconds, the internal short storage platform should be free of excess liquid. Some friends may wonder whether such a dripping method will affect the oil leading speed . If the cotton is not handled properly, the speed will be slow.

Question 6: Can it drop directly from the suction nozzle when dripping liquid?

The answer is uncertain. Usually, the RDA suction nozzle is large enough to directly instill the liquid. There are also some special structure RDAs, such as RH, Pharaoh, etc. Under the suction nozzle with anti-fried oil structure, this RDA can not drop oil directly. And some other special structures, such as electrode columns, RDAs with special inlet structures, which cannot be directly dripped, either.

Take the above picture as an example. The easy drip method instills smoke inside the suction nozzle. This is the perfect electrode for the double-column electrode. Since there is no excess component blocking in the middle, the liquid directly reaches the bottom and contacts the cotton. The efficiency is highest when the liquid is conducted to both coils. The other three kinds of electrodes are blocked by parts, and part of the liquid will seep through the electrode and then contact the cotton to conduct oil. For example, in a base such as BF99, because the air holes are located in the middle two, the drip speed is too fast and will cause the absorption speed of the cotton to keep up with the leakage from the air hole.

Of course, the production of double-column coils is a bit more troublesome than the independent lock of the four-column. All of these need to see their own trade-offs, but if you use the traditional open-cap drip oil if the aprons are tight, be careful to use the apron before use. Run a little liquid for lubrication. If this does not solve the problem, replace the RDA base with a more suitable apron.

Question 7: What kind of output mod should RDA match?

The mechanical rod is not discussed here. The general regulator mod is theoretically sufficient to use RDA, but there is a problem whether it works well. The mouth-feeling RDA generally uses 24 or 26G twins, and the resistance is in the range of 0.2-0.35. Therefore, even a single electrical host may use the 35-50W output requirement. The smoke-based RDA does not need much to say, and the use of dual-power mods under low-resistance requirements would be more desirable. If a dual-RDA of around 0.12 is used, it tends to start at 80- to 100W.

Due to the influence of the settings of the battery pack and the dual battery pack, the dual power mod is definitely the best choice. Whether it is the taste types or vapor-based RDA use, the usage of a single power mod does not always achieve an ideal state. For example, an RDA that uses 24G wire twin-scattered data and a 0.25-ohm atomizing core, you may notice a difference using a single-powered, dual-powered mod in a 50-80W comparison.

Question 8: The choice of heating wire

In the general case of using a pressure regulating mainframe, there is almost no limit to the heating wire except for the amount of intake air and the size of the atomizing space that are affected by the design structure of the RDA itself. But what is certain is that if you use NI80 and some other types of low-resistance heating wire called the tournament grade, the ordinary A1 heating wire material will have to make 8 turns and the fogging area will be relatively larger. a little.

For mechanical rods, if you need to use RDA for friends who prefer to taste, it is recommended to use A1 material heating wire. Friends who require large smoke can use a type of low resistance heating wire such as NI80. Due to the power characteristics of the mechanical rod, this kind of heating wire can also have a faster heating speed to achieve a more violent experience. But you can carefully pay attention to some differences, such as 20G A1 coil and 22G NI80 coil if their resistance after the production of the coil is the same, but the actual use of the experience will have a big difference, which depends on Everybody's preference is chosen.

Buy fancy coil, it is relatively simple, due to price problems, economic conditions allow the use of NI80 material fancy coil, its heat and heat speed, anti-carbon capacity than the A1 fancy coil much stronger.


Through the 8 questions above, many aspects of the daily usage of RDA have been involved. Maybe it's not comprehensive and with some subjective colors, it can be used as a reference before getting started with RDA.

Different devices are not used for the same evaluation on different people. The pleasure of manual reconstruction is that you can use an atomizer that can't change the structure, and use some of its own coil parameters and manual skills to make it become a device dedicated to you.

RDA's disadvantages are hard to find the right one and you have to spend a lot of time and money on it. Its advantages are also able to provide you with the opportunity to toss. Hope that some of the subjective positions above can provide some reference value before you buy RDA.

Furthermore,here are 3 most popular RDAs shared to you.You will definitely like them. And probably have even heard about them.

1. Hellvape X heathen dead rabbit 24MM RDA 

It's designed by YouTube vape reviewer, Heathen, and made by Hellvape. Being an advanced vaper, Heathen designed the Dead Rabbit RDA with our maximum vape enjoyment and convenience in mind and HellVape did an excellent manufacturing job.

The Dead Rabbit has the airflow on the top not far from the drip tip. This eliminates leakage and suits more complex coils which are quite tall and chunky. The airflow is set slightly above the coils but angled down, so when you take a drag, the air will indeed hit your coils.

2.Goon V1.5 RDA by 528 Custom Vapes 

It is the updated version the original Goon RDA. This new version comes also measures 24mm in diameter and comes with updated clamps, and significantly more airflow. The deck is all stainless steel. In addition, V1.5 has different post screws and you get a squonk pin as well.

Just like on the previous version of Goon, the overall machining on V1.5 is simply great. All the threading is really smooth, especially the threading on the post screws.

Again, like the original Goon, V1.5 features a beefy clamping deck. The beveled edges and gold plating are gone for reasons of getting better durability.

This atomizer is a good addition for the newbie as well as the experienced builder. The newbie will have an easy deck that is very forgiving to build on and the experienced vaper will be able to get very creative with this deck. Both users, no matter which way they decide to use it, will experience some very solid vaping experience. That’s the nice thing about an atomizer like the Goon 1.5, it’s versatile enough that it has something for everyone.


 It is a very unusual and a cool looking RDA. This low profile 24mm rebuildable dripping atomizer features a top cap designed to maximize heat dissipation while intensifying flavor.

It has a unique shape with bottom airflow. I really like the design and share the opinion that Galatek will look really nice on most mods because of its small size. It has a very conical shape to it that definitely AIDS in the flavor department. I also like the fact that it is very low profile and small in stature. That definitely helps it look good on almost any mod. So, if you are into flavor and you want something that’s easy to build and wick, you might want to check out the Asmodus Galatek. It is also a more-than-competent squonker once you replace the pin. If you are a flavor chaser and you don’t necessarily need to run huge, massive, builds or have some type of massive deck on your RDA, then the Asmodus Galatek is DeucesJack approved.

Today's sharing is over, thank you for watching!




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