How to Choose Your First Vaping Kit?

por phoebe guo en April 08, 2018
E-cigarette equipment nowadays is as diverse as flowers. If you do not have a certain knowledge, you will surely be attracted by the slogans of major businesses, At the same time, you will be faced with a series of problems. In fact, the best vape kit for beginners are those that do not needs extensive knowledge about vaping  in order to get started. So we will talk about how to choose your first vaping kit here and then you can determine what kind of equipment you need.

There are a few questions you need to answer. The first question is what do you want,the big smog or the taste?

If the smog, a high power kit and the atomizer with large air intake is the best choice. If taste, I will recommend a small power portable one (after all, its power consumption is lower) and a small air intake sensor.

If only for the substitute of cigarettes, then there are many professional smoke-reducing devices that can also be considered. They are usually characterized by simple operation and portability, but they are more expensive to use (ie, smoke bombs or replacement cores).

The second question, how to choose the type of atomizer?

The atomizer is divided into a finished atomizer(also called sub ohm tank) and an RBA atomizer. The sub ohm tank requires the use of a finished atomizing core. However, the fog effect and taste of the finished atomizing core are generally stable since it has already been designed before. It’s very easy to use  and very suitable for novices and people who do not have time to make atomized cores themselves. here more details on the best sub ohm tanks for beginner.

However, the disadvantages of the finished coil are also obvious. The first is that resetting the coil is extremely difficult and time consuming. The second is the problem that the flavor of vape juice will be confuse ed easily when we change the taste of vape juice. The last but most important , The higher price of the finished atomizing core will greatly increase the cost of using electronic cigarettes (of course, there are also some finished atomizers which have RBA  that can make their own atomized cores).

The RBA atomizers can be divided into RDA (dripping ) / RTA (reserveing) / RDTA (dripping and reserveing) three kinds, which can be divided into small smoke resistance and large smoke Suction resistance small smoke taste type.About the three type atomizers i have mentioned before,please kindly see How to Choose the Right RTA Atomizer for Beginners?

After having a basic knowledge of the atomizer,you can choose the atomizer you need (in fact, you will still buy many atomizers). At this time, you can refer to various nebulizer evaluations. I recommend the types of atomizers that are easy to use and that have high stability (not easy to leak oil,less of problems such as jump resistance and condensate inlet).

Third is the power supply equipment, which has various types such as mechanical rods, pressure regulator rods, pressure rods, mechanical boxes , semi-mechanical boxs (adds a protective chip on the mechanical one), Potentiometer box , power box (regulator box, but now there are few boxes with simple power adjustment), temperature control box.

For all mechanical equipment, it is highly not recommended for novice users because it requires strong professional knowledge and the safety cannot be guaranteed due to the high risk.

In the remaining equipment categories, we use the number of batteries as a measure (in general, odd and bad ones are not counted in), usually the number of batteries not only reflects the size of the vape kit, but also reflect its maximum power value (excluding ones with built-in battery). The larger the number of batteries used, the larger the volume of the kit(some kits can compress the volume through the battery placement), the heavier the weight, and the more power the battery has.

The power supply equipment can also be choosed according to your own needs. Usually I recommends with at least a dual battery configuration. Both battery life and power can meet the needs of daily use (after all, the battery is also more representative of the battery capacity enhancement and higher compatibility ). Of course, if you often go out, or can not accept too large a device, you can also choose a single battery or built-in battery kit.

The last question is that your budget, the early investment in e-cigarettes is very large, especially in the novice period, the price of many businesses is confusing, and there are also some shoddy currents, so you need to understand the reliable brand,read more product evaluation and player discussion, then make your choice through your own thinking not the business side of the words.

Back to the question, if you insist on using a finished atomizer, your main cost is the Ejuice and the finished atomizing core. The initial price of the kit and finished atomizer is not very high, and it can be done around $30-$80. The battery and ego t charger cost between $15-$30.

If you choose the RBA atomizer, you need these basic tools: wire rods, wire cutters, scissors, cotton, heating wires, tweezers. The specific price should be determined by the quality, estimated between $10-$40. The cost per reset atomizer is approximately $0.3 ( fancy coils excluded)

It’s hard to recommend the Ejuice , after all, everyone has his own taste,and prices are can try those trial ejuices first, and will  find the right one for your own rations.

If you have enough money, you can choose the finished product. If not, then train your skills and do it yourself. You will have the excellent taste and rich experience you deserve.


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