How to Maintian Your Atomizer?

por phoebe guo en April 16, 2018

While enjoying the electronic cigarette, do you think that your atomizer needs maintenance?

The answer is yes, atomizer needs to be maintained during daily use. For example, how to remove the vape juice from the atomizer? How to clean the atomizer? What issues that you need to pay more attention?

1, How to clean the atomizer?

There are many methods of atomizer cleaning, such as using alcohol, water, ultrasonic cleaning machines and so on. Today, i will share with you how to clean and maintain the atomizer. You need to prepare baking soda, a bowl of fresh water, a piece of rice dumpling, a cleaning towel or a few dustless paper.

A, Decompose atomizer. atomizer can be divided into: base, oil tank, and the other base three major parts. After dismantling the atomizer, all the aprons should be removed. If afraid of not remembering the position of the aprons, please place the aprons according to the order of dismantling. However, please not to remove the small parts and accessories,due to easy to lose the parts when cleaning.

B,Stir with 1:20 baking soda and cold (warm) waterand soak the atomizer  in water.  After 10 minutes, the water turned yellowish. At this point can slightly stir the water, so that impurities in the atomizer are removed. Then use tweezers to put atomizer into another cup.

C. Rinse with clean water. Dry the atomizer with a towel.

2. How to store the atomizer when not in use?

Now most of the atomizers are 304,316 stainless steel. How do we store them after use?

First clean the atomizer. After cleaning, ensure that the atomizer and the aprons are dry. When assembling the atomizer, a pure VG can be attached to the apron and the screw thread to prevent the atomizer threads from rusting, locking.

3, How to  extend the lifespan of the  atomizer?

The atomizer is a metal component.  Irragular using for a long time,failure to pay attention to the details will cause screw scrapping, thread cutting, oil leakage,damage of the apron and deformation of the insulation mat. So how can we extend the lifespan of the atomizer?

A, We should lock the wire of atomized core properly, remember not to twist too much.

B, Atomizer interface threading often occurs in the installation process. Do not install the thread with brute force. Try to move back half of circle first and then screw it into.

C. Atomizer leakage is the main reason why we abandon the atomizer. Before  throwing your atomizer away, please make an atomization core again to confirm whether it is the problem of the structure of the atomizer itself, and then check the apron.

D. Irregular operation in the burning process. Overheating will cause the insulation mat to deform and be scrapped. At this time, we can shorten the burning time, or heat intermittently and let the atomizer cool down to ensure the insulation pad is intact.

4. How long can the atomizer be used?

How long can the atomizer be used? It is often asked when newcomers get started. They will buy two atomizers in the same type, but later found it’s useless. The atomizer body is a metal object that is very solid.However,the other small parts are easy to lose and damage, such as: glass warehouses, aprons, screws,threads, insulation pads and other gadgets.Most product packaging will includes such a accessories bag.

To be remember: the correct operation, cleaning and maintenance will greatly increase the lifespan of the atomizer.


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