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por phoebe guo en March 09, 2018

The rise of e-cigarette industry is irresistible, just in a few years, the e-cigarette brand has been numerous. People need to have a better understanding of e-cigarettes in order to pick the right e-cigarette of their own. According to the online information, here we introduce the types of electronic cigarettes.

First, if classified by charging

  • Disposable electronic cigarette: cannot be reused rechargeable 
  • The Rechargeable Two and Three-Piece: The battery is designed as a component with the nebulizer nicotine solution, the direct injection of the evaporation device supporting components. (Most of the market is such a design mode)
  • Portable rechargeable electronic cigarette: The battery is designed into a component with the nicotine filled pipe, evaporating device mobile charging device (similar to the mobile phone charging treasure device)
  • Wireless charging electronic cigarette: At present, wireless charging technology is not perfect, most of the strength of the electronic cigarette R & D team have this project, which is one of the future trends in the development of electronic cigarettes.                                                                                                                                                             

Second, if classified with the formation of e-cigarette

Cigalike e-cig: the size of smoke, the appearance of the same with real smoke, cigarette smoke when the end of the electronic cigarette light cigarette ash head the same effect
OTHER: all kinds of shapes, to meet a wide range of people.

Third, look at the history of the development of electronic cigarettes, there have been a total of several major categories of products, here is the description in details:

  • cigar electronic cigarette: It should be said that the originator of electronic cigarette smoke just started to invent this cigar
  • pipe electronic cigarette: electronic cigarette shaped like a pipe;
  • Flat mouth electronic cigarette: cigarette holder is plastic flat mouth;
  • Mini electronic cigarette: shape more like the size of cigarettes;
  • Ms. Electronic cigarette: the diameter is very thin, much like a lady's cigarette;
  • cartomizer electronic cigarette (fine electronic cigarette): The atomizer and bombs integrated together, not easy to leak, a larger amount of smoke;
  • Soft cigarette e-cigarette: cigarette holder exactly like the cigarette holder;
  • Disposable electronic cigarettes: cigarette smoke cannot be charged;
  • Disposable cigar electronic cigarette: the shape of a cigar, but the cigarette cannot be charged;
  • EGO electronic cigarette: a relatively large shape;
  • VGO e-cigarette: the shape of a larger cartomizer EGO;
  • Mechanical and electronic cigarettes: Compared with other types of electronic cigarettes, mechanical and electronic cigarettes without a circuit board, which relies entirely on the mechanical principle of the current delivered to the nebulizer end, the battery capacity is generally larger, at the same time can be replaced.
  • High-power electronic cigarette: You can adjust the number of electronic cigarettes, bringing a large amount of smoke pleasure. Is the most popular electronic cigarette on the market today.

In 2003 e-cigarette was first invented by Hon Lik, a pharmacist from China. And e-cig first emerged in the Chinese market in 2004. From 2005 to 2006 e-cigarettes have been exported to many foreign countries. By the year of 2014, there have been three generations. Usually, we talk about E-cig, means Cig-a-like E-Cigs, Vape Pens, and Box Mod E-Cigs. 

The First Generation of E-Cigarette

The appearance of the first generation is similar to a regular cigarette, which is also called “cig-a-like”. The device contains a battery and a single tube filled with e juice. Whether battery or juice is used up, the e-cigarette will be discarded. But there is a reusable design of cartomizer that separates battery and cartridge. The battery can be charged when it dies. The cartridge can be changed when e juice is running out.  


  • Looks and feels like a cigarette
  • Small and discreet
  • Auto and manual models
  • Cheapest way to get started
  • Parts can be re-used if you know the model type
  • Ideal for light smokers or occasional smokers


  • Batteries do not last long in use - from 45 minutes to 2 hours for some users
  • The other two physically larger classes have better performance
  • Will probably not provide sufficient performance for heavy smokers or full-flavor smokers
  • The auto batteries can be destroyed by liquid leaking down into the battery due to over-enthusiastic refilling
  • Cannot use LR heads - the minimum resistance these small devices can run is about 2 ohms (this limits vapor production).

The Second Generation of E-Cigarette

Second generation e-cigarette is more popular among experienced e smokers. The device is larger than the traditional cigarette. With higher capacity, the batteries can be charged by a USB charger. A tank or clearmizer is used to fill and refill e juice.


  • Can use LR atties, down to about 1.5 ohms
  • Not too expensive to get started - maybe 50% more than a mini - though as always, you must pay more for good quality: buy a good brand not a clone if in doubt
  • The 510 connector type most used has a huge range of heads
  • The smaller of the battery choices, 650mAh, is reasonably small for those who want it discreet There is also a very small battery for these units @450mAh - it's very discrete, but doesn't have much of a charge time in use
  • Looks and feels like a small cigar, so it's not too big
  • Double the performance of any mini - double the vapor and battery life
  • Batteries last well in use, the bigger batteries around 1,000mAh can last up to 8 hours for some vapers
  • Should provide sufficient performance for most smokers moving to ecigs, especially newcomers
  • The #1 rated type of ecig for good reason - suits more users than any other type


  • Almost exclusively these are manual ecigs - a disadvantage to newcomers although an advantage to experienced users
  • May feel too large for beginners
  • Slightly more expensive to start out with
  • Ultimate performance is not possible as the battery power/voltage is still not sufficient
  • Beware of cheap clones and/or cheap chargers that cause fires while on charge - never recharge one of these units on a carpet

The Third Generation of E-Cigarette

The third generation has mechanical mods and variable voltage devices, which is also called “mods”. It can contain larger and more batteries, which allows the larger tank to fill with more  top vape juice. The e-cig battery can be removed and rebuildable atomizers give users chances to DIY coils for increasing big clouds.


  • Massive performance gains: three times or more than any mini - 3x to 10x or more vapor volume than small ecigs
  • Extended battery life
  • Solid construction
  • Some of the base units may last a lifetime
  • The advanced functions are very useful for experienced users
  • Full advantage is taken of digital micro-electronics, for power control, readouts, and so on
  • Alternatively, simple and rugged mechanical units ('mechmods') are available that have more reliability than any other type
  • Batteries last a very long time in use, the average is 8 hours although some can last for days
  • Will provide sufficient performance for any ex-smoker


  • Expensive to set up with - some base units are over $200, though there are many far cheaper
  • These are all manual models - a disadvantage to newcomers although an advantage to experienced users
  • Some care with battery charging is needed, as large lithium ion cells need treating with respect
  • Some vapers eventually migrate to 'extreme vaping' with APVs, such as sub-ohming and cloud-chasing. It is possible that the risk reduction compared to smoking is not so generous with these types of use.
  • Extreme vaping with mech mods together with poor choice of battery has resulted in a new wave of explosive events. Sub-ohming on the cheap mech mods has risks: use of a counterfeit battery elevates risk significantly.



Choosing Your Type

It would be unrealistic to suggest that everyone begin with an advanced device. The truth is that many people simply have no interest in overcoming the learning curve involved in many of the more complex setups. Others simply have no intention of delving that deeply into the vaping universe and are just looking for a way to escape tobacco once and for all. As a result, the selection of one vaping device over another always comes down to personal preference, but finding the best electronic cigarette is not that complex, just come vapingbison shop

If you’re a newcomer who plans to just quit nicotine altogether, a disposable or two-piece cartomizer device will likely meet your needs. Those who want a simple way to enjoy vaping long-term would probably be better served with a clearomizer or perhaps an APV starter kit. And those who like to tinker and customize every aspect of their experience can find what they need with an APV. The types of e-cigs listed are the most popular styles for the majority of users. However, there are other types such as dry herb vaporizers and e-cigars that are less known but still have their fans. If you want to know more about these types of e-cigs, pay attention to our Blogs and News. There truly is something for everyone!



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