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The DNA75 chip is highly concerned by players recently. Manufacturers use the DNA75 chip as the basis for various power supply modes. What is the difference when using the DNA75 with these variable power supply mode? Why do many players experience weak protection during use? What is the difference between the "75" and the "200" in the "DNA" family, and so on. Here's a summary of some of the common problems that DNA75 uses to share with all of you.

1. What is the difference between the DNA75 chip with single 18650 battery and single 26650 battery?

DNA75 chip commonly used with single 18650 or one of 26650 and 18650 power supply modes in the early stage. Here we have to say hcigar vt75 is really a good choice. HCigar VT75 Evolv DNA 75 Mod is the next iteration of the HCigar DNA series which borrows the same ergonomic "C-Frame" design for perfect comfort from the HCigar VT40.

Output voltage: Both are 3.7V output voltage, there is no difference in voltage.

Battery capacity: The same model with the same battery, a 26650 battery close to two 18650 battery capacity, battery capacity is very different.

Advantages and Disadvantages: The 26650 box is really much larger, but it can guarantee endurance and the voltage will not be lost quickly, resulting in weak protection. Single 18650 mod body is relatively small, the use of low resistance atomizer is vulnerable to weak protection.

 2. What is the difference between the use of a single 18650 DNA75 chip and the double parallel 18650?

Single 18650 battery and double parallel 18650 battery have essential differences.

Battery voltage: The output is the same voltage of 3.7V, but the use of low-resistance high-power atomizers, each 18650 battery in the double-parallel 18650 battery is almost half the pressure of a single 18650, a double parallel shared to each section Reduced pressure does not easily lead to weak protection.

Battery capacity: There is no power in the two sections.

Advantages and Disadvantages: The dual 18650 will get good battery life while at the same time, it will sacrifice the volume of the host. The large volume will change the considerable battery capacity and the battery pressure will decrease. The final choice is still in your hands. Therefore, the pros and cons of both are also considered. If you do not use very low and low resistance, the single battery will be sufficient.

 3, DNA75 single chip 26650 and double parallel 18650 it is better?

Output Voltage: There is no essential difference between the dual 18650 and 26650 output voltages, and the difference is the pressure that the battery must withstand. For example, a pressure on a single 26650 used by the 26650 battery alone. The double parallel connection is to automatically share a pressure on each section of the two batteries, and the pressure in each section becomes 1/2.

Battery capacity: The same brand of two kinds of battery capacity is almost the same, but the use of double-parallel 18650 battery will be slightly longer. Because the pressure on the two batteries will be much smaller.

Advantages and Disadvantages: Single 26650 individuals think that for DNA75 is tasteless. In addition to increasing battery capacity, and no other outstanding features, dual-parallel 18650 can increase battery life to reduce weak protection, reducing battery pressure. Both increase the body weight while increasing the host's battery life.

 4. Why does the DNA75 chip have weak protection?

The DNA75 chip uses a single cell 18650. Under low-resistance and high-power conditions, "weak current protection" occurs.

In the computer terminal software, one of the options is called weak current cutoff/low voltage protection. The number in this option is the lowest voltage of the battery. Once the output voltage is lower than this number, “weak current protection” will appear. This voltage figure can be modified but it cannot be Modification is too low and requires more than 2.7V.

Note: The voltage of the battery will change during the heating process of the electronic cigarette. The lower the resistance, the lower the actual discharge voltage of the battery during heating, and the greater the power output required.

 5. What is the difference between the power supply of the DNA75 chip and the DNA200 chip?

Power supply: DNA200 chip can choose to use power supply: double electric series 133w (7.4V), three batteries in series 200w (11.1V), model battery 200w (11.1V), various modes, even 133W can also meet the daily use needs. DNA75 chip power supply: single 18650 (3.7V), 26650 (3.7V), dual parallel (3.7V).

From the above data, individuals think that this is a chip of two different styles, and there are great differences in power supply. Personally, I think that the DNA200 chip favors large smoke and has a wide range of applications. For example, The LAVABOX DNA 200 Box Mod is VOLCANO's premier box mod and is a groundbreaking device that represents the zenith of cutting-edge vaping technology.  DNA75 is biased for everyday use and is more suitable for single cells 18650. However, due to weak protection, the chip can only be used for double-parallel or high-rate batteries and large-capacity batteries, but the double-power dna75 host is indeed large. As for how to choose the demand, consider it for yourself.

6. Do you need to set the battery capacity when using the DNA75 chip?

The DNA75 host does not need to set the battery capacity first, but it needs to set the low voltage protection option. The DNA75 chip uses 3.7V voltage output, so regardless of the brand of battery, the built-in capacity options do not need to be modified. DNA200 power supply mode is different, dual-powered 7.4V, three-cell 11.1V, model aircraft 11.1V, so DNA200 needs to set the battery capacity and voltage.

7. Can the DNA75 chip shut down?

Can the DNA75 be shut down? But can sleep, do not use for a long time, will automatically sleep, touch the button to wake up the screen. It should be noted that the DNA chip cannot be turned off, but it can be locked. Five ignitions can be used to lock the button, and ignition and power adjustments cannot be performed.

8. What are the patterns in the DNA75 chip?

DNA75 is a kind of DNA series, it can also be set on a computer with different screen displays, data specifications, and different temperature-controlled metal curves. Most market temperature-controlled metal heating wire, the required curve can be downloaded and uploaded on the official website, do not worry about the type of heating wire you own cannot find the corresponding temperature control data. However, the pity of the DNA chip is that there is no host operating warm-up function in power mode.

In a conclusion:

The stability and playability of DNA chips are believed to be well-understood by players who have used them. While DNA chips are receiving attention, there are also other chips that are gradually catching up. To continue to retain the hearts of consumers, we must have New concepts or ideas emerge.











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