Single Battery Vape Mods Return | Punk PUNK 85W

por Truman Atwood en March 19, 2018

The single-battery mod showed a blowout phenomenon again, and the single 18650 set a relatively high share in the mod products recently launched by major brands. It is one of the best cheap box mod. Smaller size, lighter weight, and ultra-low resistance use bottleneck but with more practical use settings, in most cases, the next mod of a single 18650 battery design has been able to meet daily needs.

Today we will share mini-series of TESLACIGS: PUNK 85W. If the PUNK 220W is a dual-power mod that meets the need for a large smoke, then the MINI version of PUNK 85W is another location for everyday convenience. This lovely mini kit is the best small box mod with coolest appearance. It can touch every vapors' heart.

The back of the package can be consulted the relevant parameters of the mod. PUNK85W is compatible with common temperature control mode and TCR temperature control wire parameter. It also customizes while providing users with regular/ soft/violent taste selection. it can use USER taste curve from Defining functions, small but powerful. 

The three-dimensional size is 44/30/86MM, and the PUNK 85W halved its weight relative to 220W. Its volume compression is very obvious, and it can be completely called the palm device. The overall grip is similar to that of the 220W. The curvature of the corners does not make the mod feel good. The transparent PC panel also prevents the mod from becoming too cold.

The center's 510 threads can be used to turn off the power button by pressing the ignition key five times. It is safer when placed in the pocket, and the lowest resistance in the power mode supports 0.1 ohms. In addition to the daily use of large smoke, RTA is perfectly compatible. It also has strong support for some RDA resistance of about 0.2 ohms. It is recommended to go out with a spare battery when it needs the long-term use of high output power.

There are few convenient and special design, such as the push-pull design of battery cover, the elasticity of the battery negative electrode itself and the bayonet lock, and the strong magnetic design on the battery cover which is also more accurate when the battery cover is installed. However, it's better to have backup batteries. This is a bottleneck that cannot be surpassed by single-power mods. When the battery power is used at high output, the heat curve will be reduced when the battery power is low.

From the function setting, this chip is identical to the PUNK220W. The only difference is the highest power positioning. The obvious difference in all kinds of operation is the mod LED lamp custom and close, in this 85W cannot find 220W independent switch LED physical buttons.

The PUNK 85W MOD need to customize the LED lamp mode, using the combination of the key "ignition" and "+" with the press and enter the menu after the "+/-" button to switch the five LED flashing lights. In the menu Can find the corresponding "LED off" option. In the case of daytime use, the LED is normally not too much "bright spot."

The portable device with a single battery device slowly starts to pick up the original light, and when the power consumption is large, there will be a discount or even a low-battery battery cannot satisfy the full power output, etc. If you use a single battery device when going out for a long time, bring a spare battery is the most effective solution.

Look back at TESLACIGS PUNK220W, from amount needs for major players to chase the low resistance (electrical resistance definition: an electrical quantity that measures how the device or material reduces the electric current flow through it. ) of smoke gradually return to daily rational demand. This is a phenomenon in a large environment with the trend of e-cigarette development.  Dual-power is the best choice when you want to enjoy the high-power experience. You can choose single-battery if you have daily out-of-home activity.



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