Smoant Ranker —— Why Do You Choose It?

por phoebe guo en April 23, 2018

Smoant has recently introduced some products that are very competitive in the market. Smoant RANKER 218 W is regarded as the latest masterpiece of Smoant. The elements of the military are also very eye-catching. Let's take a look now!


The overall appearance refers to the design elements of the vertical gun handle. While changing the appearance of the fire button, it also changes the operation type. The size of the mainframe 59*92*31.5mm is very suitable with the shape of the vertical gun handle.

The fire button is on the right side of the mod. The triangular ignition key adopts side pressure ignition, which makes the operation experience more comfortable.

The top of the mod is sloped, while the 510 connector is installed on the left side of the top. It extends from the inclined plane and is perpendicular to the bottom plane. The entire 510 platform is 25mm in diameter, and there is no need to worry about the mod scratches caused by its angle.

 The 510 adaptive positive pole is arched, which avoids the short circuit caused by the large positive contact of the atomizer (some of these problems will occur when the mod is matched with the atomizer).

The tilted screen is parallel to the tilt of the adjustment button and the mod itself. Since the RANKER is still using the Ant V2 (ant218) chip independently developed by smoant, the screen display style and function are virtually the same with that of the Smoant Cylon 218W.


The artificial leather patch provids you a comfortable experience while holding,and in accordance with the smoant's consistent style, Smoant will launch different styles of patches for the player to choose.

The battery cover is at the bottom of the mod, adopting the popular flip-type structure. and the firmness is excellent. It requires a large force to open the battery cover.The positive and negative signs are printed on the inside of the cover  clearly. Fully insulated design inside the battery compartment ensures the safety.

The main power output can actually support a resistance value of 0.08 (official 0.1) -5 ohms and a power range of 1 - 218 W, which improves in practicality. The temperature control function supports the resistance value of 0.05-2 ohms, and the temperature control range of 100-300℃ (200-600℉). In addition, the heating wire supports Ni200 (nickel), Ti (titanium), and SS (stainless steel 303 304 316 317).

As the latest masterpiece of smoant, in addition to having a cool appearance, excellent performance is also essential. Let's take a look at its performance through a GIF PIC

1. excellent design

2. excellent performance

3. 0.97 inch high-definition color display

4. better grip and ignition experience

5. the design of the top anti-scratch plate

6. excellent workmanship


1. larger size (since its press-type fire button, and the larger body width, you need set it with two hands)

2. dim screen

3. 18650 compatibility only 

With the further assimilation of mods, appearance and workmanship are naturally the key factors that affect players' selection. Sometimes a device with outstanding appearance can even make players to ignore their design problems and choose to start, but with the player's requirements to further improved, the product with great design and excellent workmanship will be their choice.


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