Something You Must Learn When Choosing Vaping Devices

por phoebe guo en February 27, 2018


Electronic cigarettes, which like mobile phones and cameras, are electronic products. When people buy mobile phones and cameras, they always pay attention to some parameter information about the devices, such as screen size, resolution, etc. Although electronic cigarette devices have been around for several years, However, it is still a “new thing” for ordinary people, who lack the understanding of “nouns” and “parameters” related to e-cigarettes. and  we often feel overwhelmed when buy them at first time.  The appearance of all kinds of e-cigarettes was different, round and square. The performance has 30 w, 150 w  while the price is various from $20 to $200 and even more . How to choose it ? Today I will talk to you about electronic cigarette shopping related “noun”.


E-cigarettes are usually “atomizers” and “Cartridge”. The atomizer is responsible for heating the oil (E-juice) to atomize the atomizer, and the power-suppling equipment  is responsible for supplying the atomizer. Just as the SLR camera is divided into “lens” and “mainframe”, a separate atomizer or the mods can’t work without a complete set. Many people have made this mistake, seeing a certain electronic cigarette equipment trading volume is relatively high, and then placing an order. However, you found that it can not work after your goods received,since you  only bought an atomizer, but also need to match power-suppling equipment  and battery to use.

The e-cigarette “suit” usually refers to a complete set of electronic cigarette equipment when the manufacturer leaves the factory, which includes atomizer and power-suppling equipment. Such a suit is more convenient for the novice. It is suitable for those who want to use e-cigarettes instead of cigarettes and quit smoking.

There is also a suit where merchants combine a variety of e-cigarettes and sell some of the atomizers, mods, and battery together for sale. This self-assembled suit is usually a high-volume combination of individual products. Also more suitable for new users.

Although the suit is convenient, it also has some disadvantages, for example, some “EGO” suits are backward in technology, poor in quality, and unable to get a good experience. Some of the suits have good functions, but the atomizer is somewhat unsatisfactory.

EGO e-cigarette

“EGO” e-cigarettes are also one of the “suits”. They are typically constructed with atomizers. EGO is portable, easy to use, but also has many disadvantages. The early EGO atomizer structure led to poor reducibility of the E juice and poor experience with battery rods, which typically had a few hundred, 1,000 milliamps of electricity. It is not suitable for people who use it more frequently. And because of its low cost, it is often packaged by some businesses as so-called “smoke” and “smoking cessation artifact”, which is sold to new people who do not know about e-cigarettes for tens of times of profits.

As a result of the development of electronic cigarette technology, many manufacturers have introduced new “EGO” e-cigarettes, which have improved the users' experience by modifying the structure of the atomizer and the capacity of the battery, and have greatly improved the taste of the product and the role of the “substitute cigarette”. This new type of EGO e-cigarette is very suitable for newcomers and those who simply use e-cigarettes to “replacement cigarettes”. It is suitable for consumers to experience e-cigarettes. If there is a greater interest in e-cigarettes in use, after upgrading to “advanced users,” these products can also be used as backup equipment to meet the need.

Because “EGO” products are all similar, it’s hard for ordinary people to tell the difference, so it’s recommended that you buy this kind of equipment in a physical store. After all, you can experience the actual effects.and avoid buying technologically backward products or products that don’t taste right for you, thus creating a false understanding of e-cigarettes.

Cleaning Atomizer & RBA

As I mentioned earlier, e-cigarettes are made up of “atomizers” and “mainframes”, which store and heat E juice to produce aerosols, which are the most important components of e-cigarettes. It determines the final effect of the user’s experience. Many people have the question, are there many types of atomizers and brands, what’s the difference? when first using electronic cigarettes, like everyone, I also cannot distinguish where the specific difference, let alone choosing a suitable one.

The atomizers can be classified according to many standards. For example, the taste type, smoke type, can also be divided into Cleaning atomizer and "RBA" atomizer according to the usage.

Although most of the structure of the atomizer is very similar, but every subtle change will affect the "taste". That is also a bottle of vape juice, using different atomizer will come with different feelings. It is why a lot of game player have more than a dozen or even dozens of atomizers.

The key part of the atomizer is "atomization core", which is responsible for heating and evaporation. The amount of smoke and the taste is mostly decided by the atomization core. According to the different uses of the atomization core, it can be divided into "Sub ohms Tank" and "RBA".Sub ohms Tank is the finished product, the users only need to purchase and regularly replace it . And the "RBA" type of atomizer requires the use of heating wire, cotton and other materials to DIY atomization core.

The finished atomizer(sub ohms tank) has the advantages of convenient use, can replace atomization core regularly. Due to the atomization core is made by the uniform standard in the factory, so the taste and smoke with the same size are the same. If want a different taste,you need to replace or change to other types of core. and the cost  will be very high.

RBA atomizer is the biggest characteristic of the user can adjust the heating coil data, thus changing the taste and the amount of smoke, in the use of conventional materials, the cost is far lower than the refined atomizer. The disadvantage is that it requires hundreds of practice, although it is not difficult to make. However, Making a skilled one of no pasting, uniform heating and no leakage needs much certain experience.

So a cleaning atomizer for beginners, who has no time to study the electronic cigarette and only want to "quit smoking", is more convenient to use.  and RBA ,for the people who want the more energy of electronic cigarettes and  become a "advanced game player", brings the experience and fun which are much higher than the Sub ohms tanks.

"types of taste" and "clouds of vapor"

In addition to the classification according to the spray atomizer core into "Sub ohms tank" and "RBA", can also  be divided into "taste" and "cloud" type according to the application. The taste type is mainly in order to obtain good taste, more suitable for daily use, and the cloud type atomizer is mainly used to produce a lot of smoke, is a kind of electronic smoke games which are popularly played, whether it is cleaning atomizer or RBA atomizer can be divided into "taste" and "cloud". Compared with "fuel" taste type, atomizer is lower than the cloud type (that with sub ohms tank is lower than RBA).

Now the atomizer, there is a "universal", that is to say the product type switch can change the different types of atomizing core to complete the "taste" or "cloud". This kind of atomizer sometimes equipped with "RBA base", allowing users to have a full range of experience.

But for the amount of smoke, I want to remind everyone that even the "EGO" class equipment of small smoke , can generate  much larger smoke than that of ordinary cigarettes, not to mention RBA . The smoke is not  "as bigger as better", although many people choose the electronic cigarette infancy for big clouds vaping experience, actually excessive smoke often cause inconvenience. For example, in the office, at home or in other indoor environment, even if the amount of smoke generated sometimes make you feel inconvenient.

Although the electronic cigarette mist like cigarettes as pungent, containing harmful substances, the flavor of the vapor will still influence the people around, there are some "PG" (propylene glycol component in the vapor) will cause some people's allergic reactions. So for the sake of others, please use them in appropriate situations even if the electronic cigarette, to avoid inconvenience to others. Although a lot of electronic cigarette advertising are in the "plane", "train", "subway", "bus", "mall", "restaurant" environment , these behaviors are not appropriate. so we need to restricted our own habits and try not to affect others.

"Box" and "pen" "voltage regulator" and "Mechanical Mods"

The two is the electronic cigarette mainframe equipment, according to the distinction between different shape. The previously mentioned "EGO" suits, main is the battery pole. The shape of the founder, known as the "box". Both the "box" or "pole", are divided into "mechanical" and "pressure". The "surge" refers to the internal mainfram devices with electronic circuit and chip, power allows the user to adjust the output, adjust the amount of smoke taste and premise so that we can not change the core atomization, and with various protection functions, the use of more convenient and safe.

"Mechanical mods" usually refers to no electronic components of the equipment, is divided into the mechanical rod and mechanical box two, usually with a mechanical rod is more common. It has been likened to a mechanical rod "flashlight", this metaphor is very appropriate, the principle is the same. The mechanical rod through the material and structure of the form the current loop, supply atomizer. The principle of mechanical electronic cigarettes can also be understood as smashing the flashlight bulb glass, the filament wrapped in cotton, adding oil, the principle of an open switch is electronic cigarettes. (only as an example to explain the principle, this kind of practice is very dangerous, do not try.)

For newcomers, the use of "surge" products is more convenient and safe. Because the mechanical products have no protective measures and tips related information, users need to have certain experience in electronic cigarette and production methods can be related to no danger of anything going wrong if the lack of knowledge, and troubleshooting methods and new experience, although it is easy to get started, but it's also easy to cause an accident. so it is recommended that you need to have a certain experience with the "surge" equipment, and then can consider such knid of machinery products.

"Power" and "temperature control"

Power and temperature control are the output mode of the E-cig equipment, the number of "W" refers to the electronic cigarette watts. The output power such as 5-75w means the power supply range is from 5W to 75W. Variable power is a "standard" function of the electronic cigarette, "pressure box" refers to the mod can change the output voltage and power output. The user can modify the mod by regulating effect on atomizer voltage and power, changing the taste and the amount of smoke. For example,  the taste, and smoke with the use of 15W is certainly different with that of 12W. Some people love the strong taste, while some people love the soft you can according to your own taste habits to adjust the pressure regulating equipment to change the power and find more suitable taste.

If a mechanical device , the user can change the output power only according to Ohm's law to modify the resistance value of the atomized core coil to change the output power, which is neither accurate nor troublesome.

"Temprature Control" is a function of the electronic cigarette. It only takes half of the time from concept to application and popularization in 2015. and It has now become the "essential feature" of most electronic cigarettes. Compared to the power mode, it will keep the tempreture in a certain adjustable limit and prevent  "dry hits"so that to avoid the equipment being destroyed. and at the meanwhile,The  high-temperature materials and temperature control coils are needed ,since the  temperature control output directly reflect  the temperature control function of your mod.

"Built-in battery" and "18650 lithium battery"

According to the different types of batteries, electronic cigarettes can be divided into  common "battery"  type and "18650" battery type . The built-in battery refers to  the internal battery is included in the equipment, so the user does not need to separately purchase a battery. Such typical equipment is "EGO", which is generally the "battery" form.

"18650 battery" means that when the power is out, users need to buy batteries again. There are many friends who have bought the electronic cigarette for the first time, but they can't use it after receiving the product.

The advantages of the built-in battery are safe, portable, easy to use. Users can use after purchase. The disadvantage is that the battery package within the equipment. It cannot replace the backup battery if there is no power supply environment so that cannot continue to use. But once the main battery is damaged, it cannot be replaced, except for returning the factory, of which the cost is much higher.

The advantage of the "18650" battery is that it is widely used and can be replaced. If the power is exhausted, the battery can be replaced .Users can recharge the battery when they are convenient, and it will not affect the use of electronic cigarette because of the exhaustion of battery power.

18650, another advantage of the battery is that it can be widely used in electronic cigarette equipment. Most E-cigs use 18650 battery power. If you purchase a new mod, the original 18650 battery can continue to be used.

The disadvantage of18650 lithium battery is that users need to have certain knowledge to buy the ideal, suitable products.  The 18650 batteries requires diffrent current discharge output . If the low  discharge capacity  battery used in the equipment with high output , there will be damage to the device,and also affect the normal use of your E-cig. So if buy equipment with 18650 power supply , you should choose the right battery. If you want to extend the lifespan of the battery, you also need to choose a suitable charger.

"Single battery" and "double batteries"

According to the number of batteries used, the main engine is divided into two most common forms: "single power" and "double power". Single power refers to the use of single-chip, 18650 battery power supply.

Usually, The maximum power of a single battery is smaller than that of a dual batteries . At present, the maximum power of a single battery is usually from 30w / 50w to 75w or 80w. And the maximum power of a dual batteries is usually from100w to150w or180w. Besides the difference of their maximum power, The dual one has a longer service life than a single one. The author uses the same atomizer with 12w power. According to the author's frequency, the single one needs 1 and a half of electricity a day. That is, to replace the battery once a day, and the use of  2 batteries can be used for nearly 2 days.

For newcomers, it is recommended to buy the equipment with a single battery for the  purpose of replacing cigarettes, because the atomizer used for replacement cigarettes is usually unable to use more than 20w of power. If you buy a dual-electric one, in addition to the high price, There is also a need to buy more spare batteries, and it creates a waste of power. A single battery with maximum power(70w or so ) is portable, light, and the power segment is perfectly adequate for use, even if there is an interest in e-cigarettes by replacing cigarettes. The power of 70w will also be enough to support conventional bulk smog and oil droplet atomizers.

For those who want to "step in one step", it is recommended to choose a dual-electric high-power equipment, so that even if you want to experience the big cloud in the later period, there is no need to replace the main device with fancy oil, so you can do "one machine to go all over the world" and avoid repeated cost.



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