Basic Knowledge About Bottom-Filling RDA

por phoebe guo en March 29, 2018

Dripping atomizer is a backbone component of e-cigarette. It is not an exaggeration to describe the strongest VAPE experience device type. However, due to the inconvenience of use, many users have to chose RTA. In order to keep the balance between the experience and convenience, then the vendors designed a new kind ——bottom-filling RDA

Since the rise of the bottom filling system, a variety of bottom -filling ecigs have emerged on the market. Many vendors  will  provide a bottom-filling  screw, making the top dripping RDA products also have the bottom-filling function. So today I would like to share with you some experience.

The traditional RDA uses direct instillation to drip the juice to the cotton. The full oil storage of the cotton yields an extremely strong taste and  experience of the juice. The bottom filling RDA is equivalent to changing the traditional top dripping to bottom filling. The juice  contacts the cotton after reaching the bottom platform and reaches the vicinity of the coil. 

1, The so-called "liquid leading route" length

The length of the liquid leading route depends on the length of the cotton. And the length of the cotton is also due to the original structural design of the RDA.  For example, COILART's DPRO RDA, which can not  be overfilled, because its bottom platform will becomes shallow due to its structure.

2. Should the cotton's end cover the bottom platform?

This problem is similar to the traditional top-filling method. Although the bottom is covered with cotton, it can store more juice once and thus reduce the number of  injections. However, if the cotton is not treated loosely. Instead, it may cause the juice to flow back at the bottom. In the general use of the end of the case, as long as the cotton foot has a suitable length, non-smooth contact with the smoke from the bottom platform can be successfully guided to the vicinity of the juice.

3. Can an ordinary RDA be a DIY bottom-filling ?

In fact, many of the RDA products currently being introduced will be delivered with bottom-filling replacement screws for users to modify. In fact, even if there is no RDA with original bottom-filling screws, it is possible to purchase DIY-applied bottom-filling screws from the accessories store. The most common type of modification is the double-column side inlet. This type of structure has been selected by many primary bottom-filling RDAs.

4. What is the difference in taste between RDA and RTA?

The R
ebuild Tank Atomizers(RTA) we often say are mostly sealed atomizers, and the juice is stored outside the atomization chamber. so our experience will inevitably be affected by the heat of the atomization bins. It 's  why the juice always loses its taste when used more than half. While the bottom-filling is a single extrusion. The juice is stored in a separate tank from the atomization bin. It has less impact on the juice.

5. What are the differences in the experience of the bottom-filling RDA  and the traditional top-filling?

In terms of non-rigidity, the atomization effect between the two is the same. However, the speed of directly infusing the juice into cotton is bound to be faster than the absorption process from the bottom of the cotton. The traditional RDA usage will be simpler. The advantage of bottom filling is that it integrates juice bottles and equipment, and the portable carrying style is the highlight.If the user only love the full taste of RDA, then the bottom-filling RDA device must be the first choice.

Some best Squonk RDAs(bottom filling)

1. Hellvape Dead Rabbit SQ

The Hellvape Dead Rabbit SQ is not just a 22mm version of the Dead Rabbit it is a single coil flavor RDA. Keeping true to the Rabbit Ear design and innovative airflow of the original I've affixed a key feature of a barrel lock, and supplemented the airflow to allow for Mouth to Lung Vaping. The SQ works great as a single coil dripper but was built from the ground up as a Squonking RDA. A gold plated BF pin is pre-installed so you can jump right into it.

2. Vandy Vape Pulse 24 BF RDA  

This is basically the 24mm version of the Pulse 22, but now with the ability to use dual coils.It maintains the innovative airflow and post-less deck, and comes in many different colors as well. Reviews are still coming in for the Pulse 24, and I will update this section accordingly.

Easy to build
Good flavor
Squonk pin
O-rings (snug fit)
Protruding 510 pin (hybrid safe)

Shallow deck
Leaks through the 510 pin (big con)

3. Entheon RDA

The Entheon RDA by Psyclone Mods is the successor to the Hadaly. It solves all the issues most people had with the Hadaly and comes with tons of extras. You’ll get a stainless steel beauty ring, two types (stainless steel and Delrin) of wire-bore drip tips, two types of 510 drip tips, and matching drip tip adapters. With a new clamp style and more restricted airflow, you’ll love using the Entheon.


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