Is electronic cigarette suitable for you?| Some Tips For Vaping Newbies

por Blade Fang en February 12, 2018

15 Tips for Vaping Newbies

A survey of e-cigarette online forums showed a different recognition than most people knew: Nearly nine successful smokers, after using e-cigarettes, have quit smoking traditional cigarettes. Although this high figure is bound to cause controversy, it also highlights that although electronic cigarettes will surely help people quit smoking,

Let's get some basic knowledge of the e-cigarette before starting your vape journey. A full kit includes a device,atomizer,battery,coils,e-liquid and wicks.

Device -- the devices can come in a large variety of colors and shapes often dependent on their specific uses. Some might look like a traditional cigarettes while others might resemble a pen, a tube, a box, or other forms. But they all have the same function of taking the power supplied by the battery and deliver it to the atomizer.

Battery--It is the most crucial part of the device. It supplies power. While some devices use a non-replaceable internal battery a large portion use one or more replaceable rechargeable high drain batteries. If you are selecting a device that requires replaceable batteries and would like more information on selecting the right battery for your device please see How To Choose The Right Batteries For Your Device?

Atomizer--This heat resistant part houses one or more resistance wire coils and its wick(s) often with some form of reservoir to hold your top vape juice. There are many different styles, atomized cartridges, Cartomizers, Clearomizers, Rebuildable Tank Atomizers, Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers, Hybrid Atomizers (rebuildable dripping tank atomizers and Genesis Atomizers).

Coils--These are small pieces of resistance wire that is made into a coil shape resembling a spring. The type of wire used, the diameter of the coil and the number of wraps will all effect the coil's resistance. It's resistance is what determines the amount of electricity it will need to power it and the amount of heat it will produce. Vape coils are commonly made from Kanthal and NiChrome and more recently Nickel and are considered to be the safest to use for vaping.

liquid--Also E-juice, which main vape ingredients are propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, food flavorings, and sometimes nicotine. This liquid can come in a variety of PG/VG ratios and nicotine strengths. Typically most cigarette smokers switching to e-cigarettes will start using high nicotine juices and move towards lower strength juices over time. It is common for most people to start out using strengths as high as 18mg/ml (heavy smokers as high as 24mg/ml) but often will soon switch to 12mg/ml e-liquids for their improved flavor (as nicotine content drops flavor increases) We do not recommend use of e-liquid with a nicotine strength above 18mg/ml. In fact we recommend using the minimum nicotine strength needed to sate your nicotine cravings because as nicotine content is decreased flavor is improved. It is important to note advanced users using devices that produce more vapor will typically use lower strength nicotine because when more vapor is produced and inhaled, the overall nicotine concentration stays the same. The need for higher nicotine concentrations is exclusive to devices producing smaller amounts of vapor. Those using advanced devices will typically favor liquids in 3mg/ml or 6mg/ml.


Wicks--Made from various materials including cotton, twisted silica cord, eko-wool, ceramic, and stainless steel mesh the wicks carry e-liquid to the coils. Wicking material acts as delivery method e-juice from tank directly on to a coil itself, where it is vaporized.

Well, now take a look at the fifteen knowledge points when getting started with an e-cigarette.

1.How should I start?

Before entering the e-cigarette family. We recommend that you have a detailed understanding of electronic cigarettes and various peripherals and wait and see, read carefully every line of this post. We encountered too many novice game player complained buy the wrong, expensive to buy, cheated, I knew I did not buy this and so on, it is entirely because before entering the pit, did not learn the relevant knowledge.

2.How to choose your starter kits?

If you have already decided to enter the pit, we suggest that you start with the pressure-controlled electronic cigarette. This type of rod safety is the highest, but also short-circuit protection. The mechanical rod relative to the novice players, there is no short circuit protection and voltage regulation, coupled with the good and bad businesses, they do not recommend that you do not use the mechanical rod. Everything should be safety first.

3. How to distinguish the quality of electronic cigarette?

A lot of novice players will ask such questions, A good, B good, A and B in the end which is good? E-cigarette brand is very much, there are many different models, each suitable for different. No one is sure for you to decide the final choice. More to learn more, choose the popular products manufacturers, are generally not too outrageous. Even in the end not suitable for you, but it will be a very good equipment, and manufacturers of popular equipment, you may also be sold to other players.

4. Smoking electronic cigarette smoking method is different?

In addition to the traditional method of smoking cigarettes, there are direct methods of lung suction. Traditional cigarettes are too stimulating to smoke in this way. But even if no other way, with the traditional smoking method is a good choice.

5. What is MOD?

The full name of MOD is Modification, which comes from the enhanced program of computer games. In this area you can understand that there are many combinations of electronic cigarette accessories, stainless steel warehouse, acrylic warehouse, ceramic base and so on. Anything that can change the appearance or function of a nebulizer is called MOD. Said simpler, similar to car modification. This is also part of the charms of electronic cigarettes as of today.

6. Electronic cigarette is divided into several categories?

E-cigarette from birth to development has gone through three main stages. The first stage is the earliest battery-rod electronic cigarette, due to low heat, smoke and other reasons, and so on, has now withdrawn from the mainstream. The second stage is the EGO stage, the real oil-storage electronic cigarette is the birth, is an important change in the history of electronic cigarettes. It makes it possible for e-cigarettes to replace traditional cigarettes. We are currently experiencing the third phase, the era of coexistence of finished atomizers (EGO), oil storage atomizers, and drip atomizers. And a variety of e-cigarette-related games are also endless, mechanical rod, electronic rod, wire, smoke and so on. During this period, electronic cigarettes are being transformed from physical enjoyment into spiritual enjoyment, which is very exciting. At the same time also quite a mixed bag, the vacuum of law, please learn a lot and understand. We hope to share with you the best of e-cigarettes, not those that are unpleasant to you.

7. What is the cartridge?

Cartridge is equivalent to throwable contact lenses, is the electronic cigarette smoke and atomizer supplies. Once the tank is depleted, it needs to be replaced. At present, this is running out and it is withdrawing from the stage of history.

8. E-cigarettes have second-hand smoke? E-cigarette smoke with the same smoke?

Electronic cigarette smoke and cigarette smoke completely different. One that is liquid is solid. Smoke from electronic cigarettes is more similar to the state of water vapor, although second-hand smoke from e-cigarettes has never caused any problems for others. But we also think that it is rude to disturb others at any time. People should respect each other.

9. Electronic cigarette will make it unpleasant taste?

There have been players who reflected the taste of the body of the smoke, it is because the smoke atomization is not complete, or improper installation of other equipment caused by oil spills. E-cigarette smoking even one day, who also do not have the kind of offensive taste. However, please select the excellent quality of the cigarettes, low-quality cigarettes although cheap, but health can not buy the money.

10. E-cigarettes cheaper or traditional cigarettes cheaper?

From a consumer point of view, e-Cigarette devices are more like small-scale investments that continue after a one-time investment. If you're an enthusiast, keep adding other devices, or if you only smoke cigarettes, then e-cigarettes are no more expensive than traditional cigarettes, but they are certainly more environmentally friendly than traditional cigarettes.

11. How does the e-cigarette work?

The current in the battery instantly shorted the heating wire. Heating wire short circuit generated when the high temperature vaporization of tobacco smoke, into smoke, we are sucked in the mouth.

12. Where can I use e-cigarette? Can I do it in public places?

There is currently no law expressly prohibiting the use of electronic cigarettes in public places. However, the current public opinion on e-cigarette is still unclear. In order not to add psychological burden to people around you, try not to use electronic cigarettes in public places. If you really want to show the spiritual needs of the smoke, please participate in the electronic cigarette Friends of the party. There no one will treat you as a monster, because there are all the monsters, shaking go.

13. Is it really helpful for smoking cessation?

The withdrawal of smoking mainly relies on personal willpower. If you are strong enough, you can quit smoking completely with nothing. Electronic cigarette products more like a substitute for smoking cessation, smoking cessation for you on the road to provide some supportive role. Some players do not like electronic cigarettes smoke again, there are players slowly leaving the cigarette. The good news is that more and more friends post that I have not smoked cigarettes for a long time. However, we must cautiously answer this question. We do not think that if you naive quit smoking, it is electronic cigarette credit. That's just the result of your own efforts.

14. Electronic cigarette contains nicotine it?

Many cigarettes contain nicotine. If you choose to start with a nicotine product that does not contain nicotine at first, your withdrawal response may be very strong. However, all products of tobacco smoke and oil will be marked on the description of nicotine content. There are many players choose nicotine-free products, play is also very enjoyable. At the beginning of quitting smoking, you should choose the relatively high nicotine content of tobacco oil, such as 18MG, and then slowly transition to 12MG, 6MG, 0MG, at the time of purchase can consult content directly to the merchant. If you finally throw away the cigarettes, we're really happy for you.

15. The feeling of smoking electronic cigarette smoke the same feeling?

The feeling of smoking electronic cigarettes is completely different from that of smoking cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes do not have the feeling of strong stimulation of cigarettes and have their own style. It may be softer. If you are a smoker or prefer to smoke bad players, the feeling of e-cigarettes can be very disappointing because e-cigarettes have the same mouth-feel as traditional tobacco


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