Top 6 Frequently Asked Questions About Vapes

por phoebe guo en March 05, 2018

We've been in the vaping industry nearly 10 years since 2008. When it comes to the topic of vape, people always have so many questions to ask, especially the newbies. When you are vaping, you aren’t blowing smoke—one of the reasons why many people have chosen vaping over smoking tobacco cigarettes.

So take the next step away from your old tobacco cigarette and head right into the world of vaping with the Top 6 Frequently Asked Questions About Vapes that we’ve received from folks looking to make the switch.

Can e-liquid taste like the real cigarette?

It's one of the most asked questions that everyone wants to know before they make their first purchase of an e-cigarette and concerns the actual taste of the product. When an e-cigarette company tells you that their e-cigarettes taste real, it’s a little difficult to take that statement at face value. In fact, e-cigarettes don’t taste like the real thing. They don’t have that tar-backed, putrid taste that needs to be covered up by an assortment of different flavors.

With the development of electronic cigarette technology, there are many brands of E-cigarettes which have increased the development of tobacco class, although the taste is not bad, due to the essential difference between the smoke way, it still can not reach 100% exactly. Recently there have also been many new tobacco-flavored cigarettes. I did taste very much after trying, except that it was closer to the taste of "outside cigarettes" and was quite different from the "national cigarettes" used by Chinese people. Therefore, it is recommended that newcomers have a try from fruits and desserts like cigarettes, waiting for you to adapt to the taste of electronic cigarette oil, but also the real smoke cannot match.

Will vaping save me money?

Yes, it can. But it will depend on a few factors like where you live and how much tobacco cigarettes cost in your area. It is also based on how much you spend on devices, as for many vaping turns into a hobby and many vapers enjoying collecting e-cigarette devices. But with the right vape starter kit and a mind set on saving you can definitely save a significant amount of money when you make the switch to vaping.

Is it ok to leave e-juice sitting in a tank for a long time?

Maybe you use multiple tanks for your e-cigarette and haven’t used one in particular in a while. Or maybe you went away on vacation and forgot to bring your e-cigarette along with you. Whatever the case, there’s probably going to come a time when you go to use an e-cigarette and realize that you haven’t used it lately. In most cases, the tank in the e-cigarette will probably be empty from you vaping with all of your e-juice the last time you used it. But at times, you may realize that there is e-juice that has been sitting in your e-cigarette for quite some time now.

In general, it’s not the end of the world if you leave unused e-juice in your e-cigarette for a few days. But there are some things that might happen to the e-juice if you leave it in your tank for weeks or even months at a time. Check out some of the concerns that you should have if you leave e-juice in a tank for too long time… then you will wonder how long the vape juice last and when it will expire in such a case.

Now I will tell you how to store the e-juice. Whenever possible, you should keep it in a dark, cool place so that it stays out of the sunlight and heat. But you may always find e-juice that has been sitting in a tank for a while, and the same rules that apply to e-juice which still in its original bottle do not necessarily apply to e-juice that has been sitting in a tank.

What is TC or Temperature Controlled Vaping?

Temperature controlled vaping is when a vaper has the ability to set the temperature of their atomizer coil to their preferences. Much like the cruise control function in a car where your vehicle will stay at the same speed going up or downhill.When the temperature of the atomizer coil is setted, it will not change during use.

Only the devices with temperature-sensing settings can be used for temperature-controlled vaping and must be used with wires that allow for TC like pure Nickel Ni200 or Titanium. Some devices now also have the ability to use Stainless Steel wires for TC vaping.

What are the differences between a clearomizer, a glassomizer, and a cartomizer?

Generally speaking, they all perform the same function, however, distinctions that set them apart.

First, all of the devices attached to a battery, have atomizer coils and hold your e-juice.

A cartomizer just means it is one that has a cotton or a similar filament inside of the tank that is saturated in e-liquid. The liquid goes through the cotton and to the coils where it is heated by the battery and evaporated.

A clearomizer doesn’t have any of the filament mentioned above. Instead, the coils inside of a clearomizer have wicks already attached to them. The wicks absorb the e-liquid and it is fed to the coils. Clearomizers will have big, plastic e-liquid reservoirs that hold different amounts of e-juice as well.

Glassomizers are almost identical to a clearomizer. The main difference between the two is that the e-juice reservoir is made of Pyrex glass in a glassomizer, whereas clearomizers are made from plastic. The glass is resistant to erosion over time due to the acidity of e-juice, so most find glass preferable.

What strength e-liquid do I need?

Nicotine strength is based on personal preference and the best way to find out what strength best suits you is to try different strengths first. But if you are just starting out,  a stronger nicotine concentration around 24mg to 16mg with devices like a MEGA VOLT e-cigarette or other low powered types of vaporizer is a good choice.

As you grow more accustomed to vaping and you figure out if you like big clouds of vapor over throat hit (define: throat hit) or vice versa, it will dictate the strength that you need. For example, those who prefer bigger clouds from their devices tend to go with lower nicotine levels like 3mg (being the most popular). Whereas those who enjoy their throat hit will stick to an e-juice that contains a higher level of nicotine like 8mg or higher.


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