Vaporizer Kits or DIY Kits, What Will Noobs choose?

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Older noobs seeking answers. Diving on all kinds of forums for many days, still have something really hard to understand. Need help!

  • I want to purchase a favorite electronic cigarette, and can I buy different accessory parts to assemble? 
  • If I can DIY my favourite E-Cig, what are the accessory parts concluded?(please no abbreviations and nicknames). 
  • Could you introduce an electronic cigarette or accessories with budget of $100?
  • What accessories and consumables need to buy while buying the e-cigarette? How much to buy?


The taste of e-cig is close to the real smoking. Subsequent cost of use is low. At the same time to seek the recommended approximate real smoke.

Sincere, thanks.

 A. Vaporizers Kits

Some products are composed of nebulizer and battery and sell as a whole part. Some products are sold as a single part, and consumers need to buy atomizers and battery and other accessories separately.

Vaporizers kits are characterized by easy to buy. Consumers do not have to consider which nebulizer he should buy and which battery is better. They will purchase the right one according to their needs, budget, and appearance, etc. Of course, They will get the best and favorite one which is very suitable to match his requirements. At the same time, it will cost a lot of time and you need to think over for a while.

Although the kits are convenient, there are limitations on the nebulizer or the battery capacity or other parts in the package, which cannot bring variable choices to action for users. Therefore, the vaporizers kits are generally more suitable for noobs to experience electronic cigarettes. The kits are also suitable for those who do not have time and efforts to "play", and just want to simply use the e-cig to replace cigarettes.

B. Do-it-yourself kits

Now we are talking about the DIY things. A single item is the most common form of e-cigarettes, consumers in accordance with their own needs to buy a separate atomizer and the battery to use with. This method requires users to have a certain understanding of the basic knowledge of electronic cigarettes and types of equipment. These items which are carefully chosen surely can meet their needs very well so that they can DIY the special kit.

The single product is often the choice of brands. For example, nebulizers choose Joyetech, the batteries choose Geekvape. Because some brands are famous for the performance of nebulizers, while others are more specialized for the production mainframes, which is called "specialization for the industry."

Although the e-cigarettes brand now presents a "full-scale" development, that is to say, the brand wants its product line to be comprehensive, with both atomizers and mainframes as well as accessories such as cigarette s oil and batteries, but in its present form Look, this professional gap has yet to reach the very satisfactory results, so the current single-product choice is still based on cross-brands.

To give a not very appropriate example, "Vaporizers kits" are equivalent to the computer's "brand machine", consumers buy directly to use. The "single product" is equivalent to "assembled computer," consumers according to their budget and demand to buy different accessories to complete the assembly, although more troublesome, but with the effect will be more suitable for their own needs.

A single product is suitable for users with a certain knowledge of electronic cigarettes and understanding of the device to buy. The characteristics of electronic cigarettes are similar to the camera, mods can be used with the different nebulizers, and an atomizer can also be used with different mods. Therefore, among the users of electronic cigarettes, the vast majority of those who are already getting started are mainly spending on a single product. The original mod can be used with different types of atomizers to bring more experience.

Just like SLR cameras, with the body later, you can buy a different lens to match and don't have to change the body. Single-product purchasing method involves some knowledge of electronic cigarettes, so novices should take a consider to make the choice.

C, A single product with a kit

There is also a category of "kits" which is rather special, not the same brand launch package products. For example, a brand of nebulizers with another brand of mods. The effects are very suitable for newcomers for smoking and getting started. Everyone is in the actual recognition of the higher "combination." This "KITS" is actually a single product with a combination of the majority of people recognized as a combination.

This method is suitable for those who do not want to "set" restrictions, you want to choose a single product but do not know the knowledge of electronic cigarette. Only need to be recognized as the "single product with" way to buy or use as a reference. Although suitable for the vast majority of people may not be suitable for you, but this "single product with the package" because of the experience of time and most people test, usually very representative and very high reference value, it is suitable Later you want to "advanced" user choice.

Contents above answer the main part of the problem - electronic cigarette "package" and "group (single) (product) with". Now we discuss with the rest of the question.

Q: What are the accessories and consumptions to buy while purchasing the e-cigarette? How much to buy?

A: Whether it is a single product or a set, in addition to the atomizer and the mod, the user also needs to consider whether or not to purchase the battery, charger, heating wire, cotton, electronic cigarette tool and other accessories according to the actual situation of the purchased product. The first time you had better not to buy too much. It can avoid waste if not suitable.

Among consumables, the oil is the most important. To a large extent, it determines the pros and cons of your experience of electronic cigarettes. So it's a clever decision to choose their own flavor and concentration of tobacco oil. However, due to space limitations, it is not elaborated in this issue.

Q: Requires taste of feeling unlimitedly close to real smoke, follow-up use of low cost, while seeking recommendations similar to the real smoke of cigarettes.

A: The problem is to pour cold water into my friends who hold the same purpose and expectation. In fact, electronic cigarettes should actually be called "steam cigarettes." They rely on vaporizing and atomizing cigarette smoke to generate steam, While tobacco relies on combustion to release flue gases, both of which differ first and foremost from the most basic form of smoke generation.

Second, electronic cigarette oil contains only nicotine, does not contain tar after burning tobacco, carbon monoxide, and other substances. E-cigarettes can only meet users' "nicotine" needs and can not meet the pleasure of tar and carbon monoxide brought to smokers such as "dizzy" and "hypoxic" brain. This also makes electronic cigarettes even though the taste has been close to the tobacco, but after inhalation the user's pleasure generated by the brain is very different, so although some of the current tobacco flavor of tobacco with tobacco is already very similar, However, the feeling after inhalation cannot be consistent with the cigarettes.

The electronic cigarette is actually a brand new thing. Although its own characteristics can make it have a function of smoking, it is totally unnecessary for users to compare the two completely different things and select the electronic cigarette This new way, then we must adapt.

For the use of cost, mainly by the atomization of the core, the two components of the oil. The use of finished nebulizer requires regular replacement of the atomizer core, the use of relatively low cost, the use of RBA homemade atomizer core, heating wire, cotton and other lower prices, although the initial investment is larger, the average cost per homemade atomizer Very cheap.

In addition, one of the main factors affecting the cost - tobacco oil, in fact, the author's opinion is still trying to choose their own, quality and reputation are better brands and tastes. Although the vast majority of new entrants into the pit is for smoke, as explained earlier, e-cigarettes is a new way, there is no need to compare e-cigarettes and cigarettes at all levels. The cost of using e-cigarettes may or may not be the same as smoking cigarettes. Then someone would ask, "Is the cost more than smoking? Then why should I choose e-cigarettes?" I think your question has its own answer to this question.


By discussing the main question of this issue of [Q & A], it helps us acknowledge the composition of electronic cigarette and three tips to buy electronic cigarette, each one has its advantages & disadvantages, and it may vary due to the application of different groups. Especially for fresh users, it should be selected based the actual situation when choosing the product. I wish this tips could help newbies a lot. If any other questions, you are very welcome to leave your message below or please kindly share your point of views on the device and electric cigarette.

Thanks for watching, hope to see you next time!




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