What's An E-cig Atomizer?

por phoebe guo en March 06, 2018

What's the definition of an atomizer?

Atomizer – It is usually made up of three parts: the actual heating coil, a mesh bridge and a wick that absorbs e-liquid. Atomizer also called “atty” for short, which houses the coil and wick that is heated to produce vapor from e-liquid. The atomizer is also known as a nebulizer.

Atomizers – more specifically the coils –are measured in ohms, based on the amount of resistance they have. The lower the ohms, the more power they will demand.The word atomizer is used in a variety of ways, which can create some confusion. It can either refer the vape coil itself or the device containing it – like a sub ohm tank or RBA, which are commonly used for vaping.



How does an atomizer work?

If you are more of a technically minded person then let’s try this explanation. Looking at the atomizer you have a wire which is connected to a circuit board as well as a power supply. The circuit board (when activated by a push of a button) sends power to two places. The first is a heating element (the thin wire) and the second is a micro-pump located within the atomizer. The pump forces the e-liquid through the atomizer where the heating element is located. As the e-liquid passes this it is vaporized. This process continues until the user stops sucking or the button is released. Different models function slightly different.

Typically the atomizer is part of both the two-piece and the three-piece electronic cigarette. On the two-piece e-cigs ,however, it is rare that you would ever need to bother yourself with it.  It's the three-piece e-cig where the atomizer is something you need to pay attention to. The three-piece e-cig uses the atomizer as a stand-alone piece to the entire puzzle. Either way, you cannot have an electronic cigarette without an atomizer.

Different types of atomizers

There is an ever-increasing selection of different types of atomizers available to the vaping community. This wide selection allows for greater customization of your individual vaping experience.You can select the different atomizers for flavor or clouds. Since each individual atomizer is different from the next you should consider the various advantages and disadvantages of each in order to decide which is right for you. One of the biggest questions someone needs to ask himself before selecting a new atomizer is whether you prefer an atomizer that is disposable or one that uses replaceable coils or rebuildable coils.

The atomizers are usually classified to sub ohm tank and RBAs (Rebuildable Atomizers). Rebuildable Atomizers have three different types, which are RTA(Rebuild tank atomizer), RDA(Rebuild drip atomizer), RDTA(Rebuild drip tank atomizer).

No matter which type of atomizer you decide to use MistHub’s large inventory of atomizers and rebuilding supplies along with our knowledgeable friendly staff will ensure you can make the selection that is right for you with confidence.

Popular method of vaping now

A method of vaping that has caught on over the last year especially is dripping. Dripping is a pretty self-explanatory method of vaping where you simply drip the e-liquid into the atomizer directly. This bypasses the cartridge or the tank completely. Of course there are some obvious drawbacks to vaping in this manner. First however, lets take a look at what benefits can be taken away from dripping.

The first and most powerful argument for dripping is the taste and flavor of the e-juice. Provided the atomizer is clean, the flavor of the e-juice is more evident when dripping. The e-liquid is not forced to sit for long periods in a tank or cartridge nor is old juice mixed with new juice. The e-liquid that is dripped into the atomizer is burned up during that session so nothing remains. Many people who are self-proclaimed purists swear by dripping as the best way to vape.

By now you should know what an atomizer is and have a basic understanding of how it works. You don’t need to become a master coil builder, after all ,making super advanced vape coils isn’t everyone’s calling. It’s great to know you can get a satisfying vape from a disposable coil head.

The word atomizer has been slapped around and abused so much, even expert vapers aren’t quite sure of its proper usage. One thing for sure is that an atomizer is a device that creates vapor, whether it be a dripper vape kit  or that with a tank, and vape coils are the elements that heat up inside.

Both are still unfortunately referred to as atomizers, but at least now you know the difference.






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