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What is RTA?

RTA is rebuildable tank atomizer for short.

The essence of the Rta atomizer is designed for longer battery life and longer life of the atomizing core. Clouds of vapor mean a great amount of e-liquid consumption, which also shortens the life of the single compartment smoke oil time.

Therefore, the diameter of the atomizer becomes larger and larger under the premise of large smoke. The oil storage tank also increases volume with all kinds of ways, just to increase the player's lifetime, including The Troll and ADVKEN CP RTA and ADVKEN MANTA. After WOTOFO The Troll, it launched a large capacity RTA atomizer "BRAVO RTA".

This atomizer is not only cool in the capacity, but also a new idea on electrode pole structure. Wotofo BRAVO is best rta for clouds

Well, let's take a look at this atomizer and what kind of unique design it is using.


The packaging style continues wotofo's new forgiving green drawer style, and the contents are still very rich. Besides the atomizer body (nebulizer built-in EU 2ml standard shrink-fitting parts), there is also a capacity expansion tank and a backup straight glass tank, a 510 nozzle adapter ring, the traditional mystery bag * 3 (replacement of spare aprons and screws and spare tablets, four core Clapton heating wire * 3, oil guide cotton), a Phillips screwdriver, manual and a replacement card of T-shirt.


The nebulizer uses the most popular roll pattern design nowadays. The diameter of the atomizer reaches 25mm. After removing the nozzle and the 510 interface, the height is 36.8mm, which gives the overall a pudgy visual experience.

In addition, this nebulizer has six different colors. You can choose your favorite style. This nebulizer's dripping nozzle is also the crowning touch on its face value improvement. The color of the nebulizer is assigned to the resin nozzle of the color style.

                                                   -  Structure in details -

The structure of this atomizer is still relatively simple, and it can be decomposed into eight parts: the drip nozzle, the 510 drip adapter ring, the top cover, the size of the oil tank, the oil injection ring and the atomization tank, and the base.

The drip top itself has no special structure, but the resin material brings out excellent heat insulation performance. The relatively steep cone flue inside can also play a certain role of condensate return.

The structure of the top cover has some meanings. In addition to enhancing the appearance of value, the surrounding rolling patterns can also increase the friction and avoid the phenomenon of slipping when removing the top cover.

810 interface made a small concave step, in the use of the original drop nozzle, the visual performance of the mouthpiece is not so sharp, and after replacing the 510 adapter ring, it can also be well hidden 510 adapter ring.

The multi-layer structure in the top cover is to reduce the pressure in the chamber caused by closing the top cover while ensuring airtightness, to avoid oil leakage caused by excessive internal pressure, and to reduce the pressure from the interface when the top cover is closed. The chance of smoke oil.

The kidney-type oil injection hole adopts a low-level design, and the whole is lower than the outer side of the middle airway and the oil injection ring, which makes the oil injection more convenient, and it is not easy to mistakenly inject the smoke oil into the atomization bin to cause oil leakage.

Looking at the atomization bin, the diameter of the atomization bin has reached 18mm, which means that this atomizer is designed for large smoke, and the huge atomization bin can effectively increase the amount of smoke. The top of the atomization bin has a double-layered structure, which can further enhance the sense of depth and clarity, although it will reduce the enhancement.

The base adopts a new mode of lower compression electrode column, which is different from the traditional front pressure plate structure. The lower pressure plate structure will automatically drop due to gravity after loosening the lock screw. It is no longer necessary to manually open the pressure plate to set the heat. Wire or increase the spring to open the tablet.

Positive and negative wire lock holes minimum pitch 5.4mm, maximum spacing 11mm, in this era of fancy heating wire has been thoroughly popular, 5.4mm-11mm spacing is very suitable for the use of composite fancy heating wire, 3mm lock wire aperture is also sufficient to use. Almost all the fancy heating wires on the market, but the support for ordinary rebuildable coils is not very friendly, need to deal with the fold line foot.

The top of the air intake is a chamfered surface, which allows the airflow to spread to the middle of the electrode column, so as to better blow the coils and increase the resolution of the smoke oil. The outside air inlet diameter reaches 13*3mm, and the airflow is compressed by the 7*3mm inner air inlet hole. The faster airflow will bring better evaporation effect and increase the smoke volume and resolution.

The suspension atomization chamber plus four 4mm diameter oil guide holes ensure the oil guiding ability of this atomizer, but the 4mm oil guide hole also brings another problem. When using 2.5 and below diameter, it may be Because the amount of cotton is not enough to block the oil guide hole well, oil leakage occurs. When using a fluffy professional cotton with a loop diameter of 3.0 or more, it may be due to the excessive amount of cotton that leads to the unsmooth flow of the oil and requires treatment of the cotton foot.

The next step is that the atomizer has been designed to increase capacity in addition to the fat bin. We can see that we have dug a very deep groove under the oil guide hole (as for why we don't dig it completely, of course because Huge airways are in place. With the hollow structure below, even with straight positions, it can have a terrible 4.5ml of oil storage. After using the fat warehouse, the capacity has risen to 6ml.

The knurled design on the outside of the intake adjustment ring makes it easier to adjust the air intake adjustment ring.

                                                       - Actual performance -


The mouthfeel of this atomizer can be described as a clear flow in the current wave that is already full of dignity. Although the amount of smoke is relatively large, the performance of the mouthfeel is generally more towards the degree of reduction and layering. Very good.

Of course, in terms of richness, there are not too many mainstream nebulizers. If you like the more intense taste, you may want to change the air intake while replacing a small diameter 510 mouthpiece.

In addition, this nebulizer can use ordinary coils to get a very good taste, which can save the player a costly overhead.

The fuel consumption of this nebulizer can be said to be proportional to the capacity of the nebulizer. Due to the compression of the air flow, the evaporation of the atomizing core to the emanating oil is greatly increased. Therefore, the evaporation amount is not particularly scary.

The figure above shows the amount of smoke under the general data of the NI80 heating wire.

Pictured above is the original four-core Clapton smoke effect

                                                - Suggestions and Questions - 

First of all, what is the problem found in use:

1. The condensate is easily deposited inside the inlet of the atomizer. Due to the deep groove in the air inlet, the amount of condensate deposited is also large and it is difficult to clean it.

2. Since the inlet ring cannot be removed, the liquid accumulated between the inlet ring and the base cannot be cleaned.

3. Since the degree of embedding of the 510 adapter ring and the top cover is extremely high, it is very difficult to take it out. It is recommended to use a tool such as a thin iron plate to pull it out (it is also possible to use a larger 510 drop nozzle to pull out).

4. Although the oil storage space under the atomized storage tank has reached the goal of increasing capacity, it has also caused another problem. After the smoke oil is less than the oil storage tank, the remaining oil amount cannot be observed.

Then what are the operational recommendations for this nebulizer:

1. Since the cut-off angle of the inner air inlet exists, the heating wire can adhere to the electrode column as much as possible, but short-circuit phenomenon should be avoided. Press down a bit more and there will be a good taste performance.

2, in the placement of ordinary coils, asymmetric folding feet in advance will be more conducive to burning and heating wire in the home, to avoid the follow-up series of trouble.

3. After changing 510 mouths with smaller apertures, the influence on the mouthfeel is great, and the resolution can be enhanced while enhancing the richness. The replacement of multi-structured mouthpieces such as DPRO will also result in a distinctly different mouthfeel.

                                                              - summary -

Strong vapor, this word has been fully realized in the evolution of the big smoke atomizer. Although the richness itself will greatly increase the pleasure of the suction, the richness is also a double-edged sword after all. The rich flavor is easy to overlook. The delicate details of the smoke oil itself make people forget to savor the details of the fine smoke oil.

While BRAVO RTA is not losing the amount of smoke at the same time, the taste of the resolution and layering has been optimized to allow players to re-taste the intrinsic details of the smoke oil, which may also be an innovation.

The official price is  $ 38.99 and the price is slightly higher, but there is still a story that can be heard for this atomizer (find more details of the story in official site of wotofo). If you like an atomizer, you have a very high oil storage capacity. If the taste resolution, then this atomizer is still more appropriate.





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